My school is poor and needs stuff... anyone wanna donate.

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» Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:49 am
Hey guys,

I am student teaching at a high school in Sacramento. Right now, i have already taken over and begun the full responsibilities of teaching a couple classes. Most of my students are poor. The school I teach at is poor.

I was wondering, if anyone would like to donate anything to my school or my classroom. I don't expect anyone to reach into their pockets and hand me cash. But, for example, some of my students don't even have computers. And if they do, they do not have internet access., The school has over 2400 students, yet 60 computers (which are becoming outdated). Students of mine, great kids, are running out of school supplies (its only mid October). I, who isn't getting paid for teaching in the first year, am buying supplies for students and are asking neighbors for help.

If anyone out there has access to anything. Even if its used or old. Paper, pens, and color pencils are essential. If you have anything or contact with your employer that you might feel you can help out, let me know. I can get you in contact with my school's principal, or other admin, and make this more "official".

I don't expect much, if anything, but i am giving this a shot. Sacramento got hit hard than most cities in Cali. Thank you all for listening.

- Mr. C

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