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» Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:34 am
Good retelling of the story thus far.. or rather the nightmare.

to read Baron say, "all my NBA friends were talking about trying to come over" just sickens me... when I think of what might have been.

The fact that they went after Elton and then Gilbert with all that money right after dissing Baron should have sent every fan banging on their office doors.

thank you Chris Mullin! for trying to do the right thing!

Nelson = cancer
Rowell = cancer
Cohan = cancer

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» Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:48 pm
Tim K follows up on Monte P's article: ... y-monte-p/

Mullin shafted himself by trying to obfuscate his ineptness in running the team and not being able to land an inside player with his hiring Nelson. While the team looks like it is getting rid of one cancer, Mullin, at the end of the season, two new cancers, Nelson and Rowell, are now killing the franchise.

Sadly, the team has talented skill position players and an amazing fan base. It would be nice of Cohan would bring in a real front office person, like a Jerry West, to take charge, put a plan in place, and build for a championship.


There’s no plan with the Warriors, there are only politics, stupidity, and a great column by Monte P.
Posted by Tim Kawakami on March 17th, 2009 at 9:38 am | Categorized as NBA, Warriors

Uh oh, now Don Nelson and Robert Rowell and their assorted cronies are going to be very mad at somebody else!

Should be about as fun a game between two lousy teams in March can possibly be tonight, with Baron Davis returning (bring donuts!), Nelson scheming (benching Jamal Crawford, again), and the aftermath of
Monte Poole’s great column today.

What can I say: Monte P absolutely crushed it. I’ve been hearing some of the same things for a long time, as you might have guessed, and Monte wrote it and reported it tremendously.

The Poole summary: The Warriors have no plan, they’re now run by bad impulse and worse politics, and the moment Nelson says it’s not about him being in power, you know it’s ALL ABOUT HIS POWER.

Around the league, execs and agents have gone from raised eyebrows to asking what the hell’s happening to sadly shaking their heads to near outrage.

Or I guess Monte P, all his sources, all my sources and I could all be wrong about those gutty, brilliant, certainly-not-dysfunctional Warriors. (That’s what the Warriors keep telling me. I keep ignoring them.)

Maybe the TV Announcer, several loyalists and Nelson can join hands pre-game and scream that “the Warriors are a happy, happy place destined for the greatness, but young, young, do you remember, young, and great and destined for greatness and happy!” and that will soothe everyone.

All I can add is that we know that Rowell, Cohan and Nelson are the ones at fault here, yet:

* I’m hearing that there Warriors management IS NOT FIRING DON NELSON, and he’s not resigning.
They’re stuck together at least into the start of next season because management can’t figure out who’d be better than Don (as Monte suggests, Rowell seems to be semi-intimidated and the rest of management is frozen) and there’s the matter of that $12M Nelson is owed for the next two seasons.

Rowell and Nelson really do deserve each other–it’s the fans who deserve none of these shenanigans.

Then, probably early next season (I can hear Barbieri already yelling at me about his buddy), Nelson will do something to get himself fired and the GSWs…

1) Won’t have Nelson; 2) Will have lost months and months of time in the start of a new coaching regime, or figuring out who it should be; 3) Will still have to eat almost $10M in Nelson contract; 4) Will still have to deal with his capricious handling of Crawford, Monta Ellis, Anthony Randolph and many others.

Yeah, that ought to be an easy thing to handle next December! Just delay the inevitable. Let Nelson continue screwing around with the roster. Great decision. (Sorry Ralph.)

* Robert Rowell remains the sole person who speaks for owner Chris Cohan and is therefore considered untouchable.

I’m told that the team already has budgeted for the loss of some season-ticket revenue next season, so a big drop in renewals is probably not going to affect Rowell in the off-with-your-job sense. (Though corporate sponsorships might hit rock bottom very soon.)

Basically, Rowell cannot be fired by anybody other than Cohan, and nobody is sure that Cohan even knows that the team is bad right now.

* Chris Mullin is a 100% goner and, after you read Monte’s piece, you understand that nobody sane or any good at his job would want to work in the middle of Nelson’s scheming, Rowell’s blundering and Cohan’s nothingness.

It’s not really Mullin’s contract running out in June. It’s an escape.
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» Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:22 pm
Does anyone know Rowell's background, his history etc. Curious to know where he's come from
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» Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:46 pm
well with less than 10 days left in the warriors 08-09 season, thought it'd be good to see how we rank with the rest of the league (aka I'm bored).

over the whole season
Rebounding difference: -4.88 (29th)
Assists difference: -3.32 (28th)

Blocking difference: +1.29 (3rd)
Steals difference: -0.05 (15th)
TO difference: -0.042 (10th)
Fouls difference: -1.19 (7th)

and over the last 10 games:
Assists difference: -2.20 (25th)
Rebounding difference: -3.70 (25th)

so we still really suck in these two areas... I'm just unsure which is more important, and which will improve more automatically next year by having a healthy squad. monta's been out almost all year... but then again Wright and now AB have been out for a long time as well.

I suppose since there are a lot of over hyped big men in the draft, and we are younger in the front court, we should probably get a PG rook.

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» Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:42 am
Nice, Uptempo, glad you posted that. For those who haven't been checking out media reaction, Poole summed up what all of them have been saying and didn't pull any punches. He did his job.

Most interesting is the front office counter-offensive, where they try to influence media members and spin positive stories. Very Bush Administration, but they don't have Faux News to carry their message and one wonders how they plan to defend themselves.

At this point there seems to be no support other than from Fitz, who would probably get fired immediately if he got critical, and Ralph whose love for "Nellie" seems genuine, but do remember that Nelson stiffed the show in the past when Ralph got critical. The station may have instructed him to keep Nelson on board.
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» Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:50 am
Quazza wrote:Does anyone know Rowell's background, his history etc. Curious to know where he's come from

Hahahahaha what are the odds?

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» Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:48 pm
i found this Q&A with Rowell fascinating. not sure how much i believe him though. his handling of mullin has resulted in a complete loss of credibility as far as i'm concerned.

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» Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:11 pm
It is like a Bush White House press conference. On-message, never admit any mistake or failure, blame it all on the media, try to cultivate those who will convey the message you want.

Vote for change and hope. New ownership is the only way out.

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