Game Thread: Warriors @ Toronto Raptors 2008-10-31

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Can the Warriors come back with a victory in Toronto?

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» Fri Oct 31, 2008 8:45 pm
Really frustrating game... Harrington actually came through with a clutch shot, and showed up in the 3rd quarter.

I think Jackson proved tonight that he can't be a team 1st option/leader. He's too sloppy, he doesn't take care of the ball often enough, and I'm not really sure if I want the ball in his hands in pressure situations, unless it's purely spotting up for an open jumpshot (in which he is clutch, but when's the last time he's taken someone off the dribble for a huge bucket?). I'd rather see Maggette with this role.

Biedrins and Buike impressed again with aggressive, I honestly Biedrins should get even more touches on offense. Turiaf came through with his swats and aggressive play. Beating a dead horse, but it's time to play Wright and Marcus Williams, and a little Randolph and stop using a ****ing 7 player rotation. I mean, ****! How sloppier could they be than Jackson and Harrington on offense.

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» Fri Oct 31, 2008 9:31 pm
Since he is getting paid for coaching an 0-2 team (the second highest paid coach in the league) with us moving closer to another losing season and playoff losing streak, has to make us wonder if Nelson has Nellie on his mind, or the best intentions for this franchise. Come on Captain Jack, we can celebrate your ill advised extention with an 0-9 losing streak!! As much as I didn't like BD and his shot selection, he was our best half court option and money at the high post. The biggest cause of concern, is we look like the pre-Gasol, Kobe being a diva Lakers, a team with enough amo to make a 1st round exit and not enough juice to break through because Jackson and Harrington are ball hog hacks, Ellis can't keep off the mopeds, Biedrins will go down as the most underused 62% FG shooter in NBA history, and the Warriors are still the NBADL (nice knowing you Marcus, Brandon, Randolph and Bellinelli (enjoy the Eastern Conference like all our other lottery and 1st round picks.) and Corey is only here for the money (he could gotten a ring in Boston). We are still competing because we got a nice bench (Azu and Turiaf), but our backcourt just got smoked 21 to 37. Remember how J-Rich and BD led Nellie to take apart Avery and company, well obviously Cohan, Rowell and Nellie don't. Seriously, does Cuban, who resurrected Nellie's career, really regret letting him go? The act gets old real fast.
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» Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:32 pm
I like some of the new strength we have underneath the net. The "big" lineup worked well for a while there. There are new aspects to the W's game that look strong. However, I noticed them standing around quite a bit on the half court offense... move damn it!!!

It's going to take some time for them to gel....
then it's going to take some more time for them to gel again when Monta returns... meantime, let's get an effin PG!!!

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