The "genre" of Ridin' Dirty

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» Thu Feb 15, 2007 9:23 am
Nearly a year ago, the mainstream rapper Chamillionaire created a song called "Ridin'" that became a laughingstock among many rap fans due to its ridiculous hook. Despite this, however, Chamillionaire's fanboys made this single go to platinum, #1, and a grammy rather quickly. As a result, Weird Al Yankovic made a parody to said song. What did Chamillionaire do in response? He recorded more "remixes" than any song has ever had. To date he has recorded remixes in the forms of:
Ridin' West Coast (game, quik)
Ridin' Houston (ugk?)
Ridin' East Coast (papoose?)
Ridin' UK (sway)
Ridin' 2 (akon)
Ridin' Brazil (cabal)
Ridin' Germany (Olli Banjo)
Ridin' France (Al Peco)
Ridin' New Zealand (Tyree)
Ridin' Remix (trae)
Ridin' (chingo bling parody)
White n' Nerdy (Weird Al Parody)

These are are 8 official remixes and a dozen incarnations of this car with 15 artists. how often does this happen with a song and why this song?

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