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» Fri Aug 11, 2006 12:32 pm
In his rookie season, manute bol was the tallest man in the league. About three inches taller than ralph sampson, a big man who made it to the finals that year. In 61-62 wilt was the tallest man in the league, about three inches taller than russell, a big man who made it to the finals last year. Both players were a huge percentage taller than the next tallest guy, wilt even more so than bol. Bol averaged .19 blocks per minute. Prorate that to the pace of the '60s and you get .23 blocks per minute. Prorate that to wilt's minutes and you get the staggering number of 11.5 blocks per game. Is it too much to assume that Wilt was at least as frequent a shot blocker as bol? He certainly had a greater vertical leap, faster and quicker footspeed, and more strength. It is the overwhelming likelyhood that wilt had double digit shot blocking averages year in and year out. Which means that he, and russell too probably, was the pioneer of the triple double, and more than likely added a few quadruple doubles here and there.

BUT there is some evidence that would suggest that wilt wouldn't have averaged 10 blocks a game or even close too it:
No player has ever averaged more than 1.5 blocks per foul
Wilt got 2 fouls per game, it would appear doubtful that he'd be so ahead of the field in blocks per foul


Wilt was a freak in rebounds per foul, averaging 16 rebounds per foul one year. moses malone had the most rebounds per foul of somebody not named wilt or russell: 6.5

Is it too much to expect the guy who gets way more boards per foul than anybody else to also get more blocks per foul?

I say no.

Ben wallace got 6 boards per foul one season. Wilt got sixteen. Taking a rather big logical leap, we say that wilt had the potential for 10.332 bpg statistically

Not quite 11.5

But still a triple double

The statistician for the philadelphia warriors of the time, even though bpg weren't kept, is fairly sure that wilt averaged 10

That is what we call dominance

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