Report: Magic looking to trade No. 2 pick

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Report: Magic looking to trade No. 2 pick

The Orlando Magic are reportedly interested in trading the No. 2 overall pick in this year's draft.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that there are several teams interested in acquiring the pick from the Magic, citing a source.

However, this year's draft does not have any superstars, so it may be difficult to make a deal. Kansas guard Ben McLemore, Georgetown swingman Otto Porter and Indiana guard Victor Oladipo are considered most likely to be taken second overall in this month's draft.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the top choice. Kentucky center Noel Nerlens is projected to go No. 1, but that is not a given since he is recovering from knee surgery.


Don't understand the Orlando FO. Unless they get an allstar caliber player in return, they need to keep the #2 pick. That team is awful and need at least two allstar caliber players to be a playoff one again.

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