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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:29 pm
migya wrote:
sfsfsfgiants wrote:
migya wrote:
sfsfsfgiants wrote:
migya wrote:I'm not even going to respond to extensively to whether an nba player should not miss a dunk but I will say that greats like Jordan and Kobe,to name just two of many, have done the same thing

Mbenga has missed an open dunk and two open layups in three games..... just lettin' ya know.

He is out there to smack, rebound and block shots

But he doesnt do that!

Then he shouldn't play! I never was for him playing, especially alot of minutes but it was said that he is this and he is that. If he can't do shiit, Nelson will sit his arse on that bench and play those guys that can

I dont understand why Nellie is playing him in the first place.

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