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» Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:03 pm
chrismullin17gs wrote:i like his intensity, but he is very careless with the ball...dribbling the ball off your foot more than once in a game is not acceptable unless you are 5 years old. he is too streaky for me to be that excited about. u never know what you're gonna get from jackson (except some whining to the refs, thats a certainty)....some nights he plays unstoppable basketball....other nights, i would like to see him sit on the bench the whole game

he should try to play more within himself...yes, he gets a lot of assists...but he makes stupid, risky, careless passes as well...i dunno, i guess he's ok overall...i'd rather have monta start alongside baron i think...

well said and well anlyzed chrismullin. I agree with everything you said. I think Azubuike should get more game in Jackson spot sometimes.

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» Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:04 pm
I've never heard any teammate not appreciate Jackson. He would do anything for a teammate (including running into the stands). He has a fire that the no Warrior has had in a long time (other than J-Rich when he occassionally goes on a crazy run like 7 for 7 in a quarter against Utah. We need that fire, it's exactly why people hated on Dunleavy and Murph, because they played as if they didn't care. That was their personality, but it seemed like they didn't care what happened. Now that we have a player with fire, we have to learn to live with the byproducts of it.

But... I wouldn't mind having the team as a whole argue so many calls. We're going to get horrible calls, there is no respect, we haven't been to the playoffs in nearly 15 years, what do you expect? Just look past it, staying back to complain to an official while your man gets an easy layup at the other end only compounds the problem.
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» Tue Mar 27, 2007 4:52 pm
dareedle wrote:Jackson does not have better numbers post trade than Dunleavy, but trading one underacheiving lottery bust for a mental case with a knack for technicals is not worth discussing. The Warriors have only three legit players, Biedrins, Ellis and BD, and unless management and the fans get real, it is highly unlikely we will keep all three because of our other bad contracts to perimeter players and bench warmers. We have five bad contracts, some don't get enough minutes belonging to Nellie doghouse (Sarunas and Foyle). J-Rich should change his name to J-brick for his lousy shooting percentage this year, Harrington is a terrible passer, rebounder and defender, but guess what Warrior fans he scores a lot ... big deal he fricking kills the offense ever time he does his back down and cough up the ball routine. On the bright side, Ellis has a bright future ... could be the next agent zero, unless we get our salary cap back in order, and Biedrins is quick and active. Jackson is a ok player, but I would rather jettison some salary in order to keep both Biedrins and Ellis.

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