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» Sat Mar 03, 2007 2:26 pm
I Agree JayPat, hopefully we will see soon [-o<

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» Sat Mar 03, 2007 4:28 pm
We are in a tough situation, we have yet to figure out our overall team philosophy and if we have a philosophy, we don't have the winning results. Our choices are to hope for a miracle next season, when Sacramento is healthy, Portland is awesome at the front line, the Fakers may be healthy again and actually find a point guard, Memphis has another franchise player and Phoenix get another top 5 pick. Our best hope may be to dump salary ASAP and build the team around rebounding, defense and good free throw players. That means Sarunas, Ellis, Jackson, and Biedrins. If we add another player like Nick Fazekas who has 58% shooting percentage, 85% free throw percentage and 11.4 rebound per, we are moving in the right direction. I also like DJ Agustin with his 82% in free throw, 47.8% in shooting percentage, 48.2 % in threes and 6.6 assists. Mullin is not a stat savy or objective talent evaluator. An explosive back court of DJ and Ellis would provide a lot more excitement than the overpaid and underperforming duo of J-Rich and BD that can't hit free throws and our long history of close losses. The Warriors (mostly Nellie) put too much weight on scoring numbers and not enough on rebounding (represents effort), assists (represents making team mates better), turn overs (represents decision making and ball handling), shooting percentage (decision making, discipline, and ability to score in the low post), and free throw percentage (the ability to win close games). If we get a natural PG and/or a good rebounding PF that can shoot a high percentage and hustle (ala David Lee) we would improve dramatically. Our shooting percentage, three point percentage, free throw percentage and rebounding totals sums up our problems, we have a team that wants to run, run and run and not defend, rebound, set picks, hit free throws, attack the rack, and pass to team mates. Our chances of making the playoffs next year look at lot worse than this year, unless Mullin and Rod change their evaluation criteria and bring in quality scorers and not quantity scorers.
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» Sat Mar 03, 2007 8:02 pm
coltraning wrote:
migya wrote:
TMC wrote:
migya wrote:There are quite a few players in the nba that make as much money if not more that are doing far less and are no longer considered franchise players

Yeah... but you don't see other teams trade for them until they become expirers.

And Baron is not one of these overpaid low producers! He is the best player on a playoff fringe team, top 5 in nba in assists and top 5 PG

agreed. The only time the ws are EVEN a fringe playoff team is when BD plays. Truth in numbers: They are 50% with him, 33% without him, case closed. Only problem is, of course, a huge one - he is often injured.

To be honest, the last month has been horrible and before that the numbers would have shown that the team hasn't won a whole lot more with Baron than without him but the point is that he does make the team better and is a great PG that distributes as well as scores, not just one or the other. He would be a great addition to a team with a very good big man, like the Grizz will be IF they get Oden but even without him, they will likely get a very good player in the draft and already have some young talent in need of a great PG
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» Sat Mar 03, 2007 8:55 pm
JayPat wrote:Also if you say trade for a player, identify which problems he will solve. Ie Reggie Evans rebounding, etc.

Going through my trade proposals:

1. Gasol will give the team pretty much everything needed from a big guy - Rebounding, defense with very good shot blocking, good passing for his size as his assists are very good and very good scoring. Gasol fills the need to say the least. The other guys I included in the 2 trade scenarios are just fillers, in the case of Swift (a decent defender and runner), Stoudamire (a decent PG who seems to be distributing better now than he is scoring) and Cardinal (a scrub only). Gay, who along with Cardinal was in the 2nd scenario, would have a great chance of immediately being the starting SF and he can possibly do it all as well, in particular running, scoring and playing some defense.

2. Al Jefferson would also fill the PF need, not like Gasol but very well himself, with very good interior scoring and shot blocking. Jefferson is so young that he would only likely get better. Delonte would backup Monta and give decent scoring ability and good allround play, especially defensively where he is most valuable. Ratliff and Wally would be fillers, though Wally could be the starting SF as he can shoot and score well
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» Sat Mar 03, 2007 8:56 pm
JayPat wrote:I'd even wager to say that at full strength the Warriors can be a .550 or .600 team. Remember, we've never ever seen Baron, J-Rich, Jax, Harrington, Biedrins, and Ellis together.

And we likely never will as Baron is constantly injured for some 20 games a season

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