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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:46 pm
In the spirit of looking to the future, the W's will at least shop around in the trade market this summer. Let's take a look at what the W's have to offer in return for their needs.

top trade prospect. Young kid, can play 1 or 2, great speed, can score driving or with the mid-range jumper, doesn't complain, plays hard minutes, young, cheap for the next year. Should only be traded for TOP value.

still a great all-around player, though defense is his issue; can score at will when on, and pulls down good boards, salary is comparable to his skill, and still has years of good basketball, not injury prone, dispite this last year, always looking to improve

still one of the top 5(ish) PG's in the game; good points, good assists every game; plays hard minutes, though prone to injury; high salary measn he will be difficult to trade; will have to take on someone else's high priced player to compensate

good offensive threat, though prone to streaks; can pass the ball and willing to drive while still having an outside shot; could work as a second or third option on a team with an inside presence; salary is fairly equal to market value for a good scorer; weak defense and rebounds for a PF--but a move to SF would make it more appetising

young center; nice height, needs bulk; mobile on both ends of the floor; fairly good defender, especailly for his size; can score, pass, block, even pulls off a steal almost every game; needs the right system to flourish; has become skreaky (maybe tired) as the season progresses; NO outside shot; very nice touch inside (60% FG); fair salary

Draft pick:
should be in the mid to high single digits, in a draft that could be one of the btter ones in recent years; as a pick itself, only of moderate value; packaged with a trade, could be worth a fair amount

a fair talent, at least on paper; reputation is actually good--rumored to be a good defender (RUMOR) with long arms and fast feet; potential sign and trade, and could be an expiring contract for another team; fairly decent off the bench-type

here's where reputation will diminish value; thought to be a head case (and rightfully so in the past); good all-around player with scoring, passing, defending; low salary for value; low value due to troubled past, though his image might improve by the end of the year (doubtful, with trial so coming)

seven footers are still uncommon; unproven and low value after spending most of the year in the D-league; could develop into a low-post guy, with a jump shot; young and low-ish salary for the next few years

PG's are usually of value; good reputation in Europe; could be a solid back-up disher in the right system; needs time to work with teammates to develop timing and trust; shooting SHOULD be fair from outside, though he cannot drive

Barnes--some value here if he can play soem mintues and find his rythm; potential sign and trade material
Powell--same as Barnes
Azubuike--good potential guard here; again, needs some minutes to draw interest
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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:57 pm
Pietrus is another free agent, drazz (restricted, but still a free agent).

Other than that, I agree with most of the post... but I think Biedrins should take J-Rich's place in the high interest section and J-Rich (at least, until he proves he's completely recovered) should go a notch below.
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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 1:21 pm
List looks pretty good. I'd drop Harrington a little and raise Biedrins. Maybe even raise the draft pick too with this draft class and our current play.
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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 1:32 pm
Thunder wrote:List looks pretty good. I'd drop Harrington a little and raise Biedrins. Maybe even raise the draft pick too with this draft class and our current play.

The pick won't be so high to raise it... unless we start tanking and it becomes a top 7-8 pick. Then it would deserve to be raised a bit.
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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 3:11 pm
Biedrins is DEFINATELY more tradeable than J-Rich.

Baron Davis (injury-prone) and Stephen Jackson (head case) are worth more to the Warriors than they are in a trade. We wouldn't be able to get equal value back for either. Indiana could only swing Mike Dunleavy for Jackson, for Christ's sakes. I'd rather keep him than trade him for THAT kinda value. Ditto with BD.
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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 3:42 pm
Couple of quick replies:

First off, i'm not shipping them out. This is just an excercise in evaluation. There are a lot of names thrown out there about what we should be looking for, but what value do the W's have to offer?

Pietrus is worth more to most teams in a sign-and trade, so I put him up there. If the Warriors sign him, he's paid around $3; if he goes free agent he could go up to $4+, and you'd have to sign him to a multi-year deal as opposed to the single year that is left for the W's to pick up. But, yes, could be unavailable for trade--at the W's choice.

Biedrins could be moved up. Clearly, he is a good mobile center that does a bit of everything. Nice to have on a team. His biggest drawback? Reputation. He has not had the exposure to the league that will get teams calling, asking for him. While the same could mostly be said of Ellis, he's putting up huge numbers, blowing by all defenders, and played in the sophomre game CHOSEN BY COACHES. Ellis' name is out there, not sure Biedrins is yet.

J-Rich is still pretty high in my eyes. One of the few proven taents on the team. He's never had a bad year as a player. this is the first year he has been injured, and even coming back he has already looked good.

SJAx, yes, is low. Reputation over talent, sometimes rightfully so.

BD. Tough one. Huge salary, but great talent. CAN be traded, as he produces in every aspect when on the floor.

Part of the grading problem is may fault. I simply put in categories. Perhaps some numbers? 1-10, with 10 high.
Biedrins, BD--7
Harrington, Draft choice--6
POB, SJax--3

Give me your numbers.
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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 4:51 pm
Ellis - 9
Biedrins - 8
JRich, Baron - 7
Harrington, Draft choice - 5
*Pietrus, POB - 4
Cabbage - 3
SJax - 2

I think teams are really going to shy away fro SJax due to his history which is fine by me. Cabbage gets a bump because he will be 4 mil expirer next season. Pietrus and POB are about equal to me. The rest speaks for itself.

I wouldn't say Biedrins doesn't have a rep yet. People in other cities have noticed what he's been doing here.

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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 5:47 pm
Our only tradable commodity is Biedrins. I don't see a team giving up a KG or big of value for a tweener second rounder. I would rank Biedrins ahead of Ellis. When Ellis gets his big fat contract, he will not be a tradable commodity. Ellis has yet to show he can be a creator on offense. Kobe, AI, BD, CPaul, Duncan, D-Wade are all players capable of elevating the play of their team mates and creating instant offense. Ellis is a finisher, unfortunately the Warriors have a plethora of finishers (Ellis, Biedrins, Pietris, Barnes, Jax) that excel at dunking at the end of the fast break but can not create offense in the half court set. With Foyle in the doghouse, and no Dampier (any 7' defensive center who can rebound) who the heck is going to set picks to give Ellis or BD an open looks to the basket because we get zero from Harrington and Pietrus. With a great distributor, the Utah Jazz went from cellar dwellers to NBA surprise team. Without BD, and a much lesser extent Jr. we have gone to lose, lose and lose in quite a few pathetic blowouts.

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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:47 pm
I actually think Powell value is higher because hr is 7'o" and young. Azubuike is actually higher in value. The league has taken notice. Just my 2 cents on the subject.
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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:05 pm
I don't mind losing Powell and Barnes via FA. They could be valuable pieces in a trade during the offseason though. Biedrins and Ellis should be the top most asked about players any team should be asking for. I'll keep Baron, it's not like we'll get anything equal in return. It's either an unbalanced trade with Baron, or a salary dump move. I think I'd keep him. Azubuike will be probably the most asked about "throw-in" if the Warriors pull off a blockbuster trade.
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» Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:08 pm
Actually, Azubuike and Powell have NO tade value. Both potentially good players, but the W's do not have them under contract after this year. Free agents all the way, and quite possibly not going to have any good offers from the W's.
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» Sat Mar 03, 2007 12:13 am
Thunder wrote:List looks pretty good. I'd drop Harrington a little and raise Biedrins. Maybe even raise the draft pick too with this draft class and our current play.

I think the same, Harrington would have gotten more interest from other teams and the Pacers would have been able to get far more talent than what they got for him. Biedrins is very valuable and don't forget Centers that do what he has done are hard to come by, plus he is so young.

My rankings:

Monta = 10, the most tradeable player that could net a star in return
Biedrins = 9/9.5, would be 10 if he had a bit more of an offensive game. He is very efficient and because he is so young, many teams would give alot to get him
JRich = 8/8.5, this guy has had a season where his injuries may drop his value quite a bit but how he finishes the season will show whether he has been somewhat adversely effected by the injuries or not. He is a great SG that is still young and would net a star in return.
Baron = 7.5/8, Baron is a great PG and top 5 in nba among PGs. He is injuryprone and gets a very high salary but a team in need of a PG to become a real contender would give alot for him. Very productive and worth a star in return.
Harrington = 6/6.5, just nothing special in anything but has a pretty complete game. Scores well and is capable of playing both forward positions and most teams would have him if he is packaged with a high pick or one of the above four guys of the team.
SJackson = 6/6.5, his past attitude problems make him have less value than what he is. He is a productive player that is pretty allround but he is bound to stay here because that past makes him quite unattractive

Rest of players are either unproven or have shown that they are busts. Foyle is a bust and Jask hasn't shown much so far in the nba so noone would want them. Pietrus is a freeagent but lately he has dropped his value. Barnes is the one that has looked real good as he saved the team somewhat earlier in the season. It would be good if he was resigned
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» Sat Mar 03, 2007 2:36 am
other than moving Biedrins above JRich, looks pretty much right. Sjax should be way higher, but his baggage makes him have lower value than Pietrus, even though he is a far better basketball player, and actually a really good teammate, someone who will go to war for you. Oh, and couldn't disagree more with the one comment that Monta can't create offense in 1/2 court. That cat can get to the rim at will, and looks like he is trending towards unstoppable. He would be the only warrior I wouldn't want to trade.
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» Sat Mar 03, 2007 3:58 am
Much better way to grade it.

BD--5 (Plenty of injuries and a max contract are the only reasons. He'll be an 9 after the next season, as he'll be an expirer)
Draft choice--7 (pending on which choice we get, of course)
*Pietrus-- I consider him a free agent, so 0. We may be able to make a sign and trade, but probably would get only a pick.
POB, SJax, Foyle--3

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