last 2 game perfect example why team will not make playoffs.

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» Tue Feb 27, 2007 11:22 pm
baytobrooklyn wrote:Come on now, optimists! I said before the Clippers game that THAT game, not the Lakers one, would be a perfect barometer of what kind of a team we have here. It was a completely winnable game, and we really needed it against another team vying for the 8th spot. I predicted a loss, simlply because the Warriors ALWAYS lose in situations like that. Unfortunately, nothing has changed with this team. I mean, Baron would probably be making a difference right now, but without him, we just can't win a game. And that last road trip he was on didn't turn out so well, either. This slide can't be blamed solely on Baron's absence. My question is this: for the people who predicted the Warriors would make the playoffs before the season started - what do you think their chances of making the playoffs are now?

Although there's a plethora of poor-weather naysayers here, there are a lot of folks who always see the greener side of things here, as well. I think everyone's just va little fickle (myself definitely included) because of the nature of the league this year, and how there are so many teams clumped around the 7-10 spots. The fact that any little streak makes a big difference for a team in our situation means a 3-game losing streak (like we're on right now) is much closer to doomsday than no big deal at this point in the season. If you want to see optimism, just look at the posts from a week ago declaring the Warriors were ready to take over the #6 seed!

the reality is, with a healthy BD, the ws are a 7-8 seed at best, but a healthy BD is an oxymoron. That said, and as truly woeful as the ws have looked, hornets and wolves ALSO lost and poor Sean Livingston blew his knee out in the most gruesome way, which is devastating for the clips. As truly awful as the ws have played lately, they are still only 2 games out. One streak of 14-4 will seal it for any team, and IF BD is healthy alongside a healthy JRich and Monta, rotating harrington, jackson, barnes, pietrus, biedrins, powell and azu, it is conceivable that could happen. That's about as much optimism as I can muster nowadays...
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» Tue Feb 27, 2007 11:33 pm
Yeah, I'm in about the same place. The chances of that happening are supremely minimal, but hey, we're Warriors fans here. It could happen!
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» Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:55 am
I agree. As mentioned, I don’t really care about our win loss record (not the way this year has been)—I just care if we are in the hunt. And as Colt mentioned, we’re just 2 games out and with still plenty of games to play, so I’ll keep hope alive. But man, we need BD in the most urgent way. Hope he’s ready soon.
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» Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:00 am
with the longest tale of woe in hoops (I believe in major pro sports) is there another team in the 4 bigs that hasn't made the playoffs in this long? Therefore, by definition, to be a warrior fan is to be an optimist. Maybe it is payback for living in the most desirable area in the country? Nah, then you have to explain the 49ers in the 80s...
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» Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:28 am
It'll be sweet when we finally make it; it'll definitely be sweet. :D
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» Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:36 am
32 wrote:Wow, I totally called the 2-3 panic threads after last night's loss. This place is depressingly predictable. :roll:

Okay, so what do you say about the Memphis game tonight?

The w's (they should be called the L's) are now riding a 3 game losing streak going into a 5 game road trip vs.--basically--all playoff teams and where the team sports a lavish .273 winning percentage.

The team is now 6 games under .500 and, more importantly, 3 games down in the loss column to the #8 seed and 4 games down to the #7 seed. The team has 11 home games and 13 road games remaining as of tonight.

So lets say the W's go 9-2 in their final 11 home games, that would require them to go 6-7 on the road just to get to 41-41.

Considering the team's current record on the the road, it is really wishful thinking to even consider that.

So, not only does the team have to play perfect at home the rest of the season, they will also have to play solid on the road with a a hurt Stephen Jackson, J-Rich nowhere even near midseason form, a dissapearing Harrington and a questionable Baron Davis just to have a shot.

They will aslo need a lot of help from the teams in front of them(and behind themfor that matter)

Here are the W's remaining opponents:

NY: 1 game
LAC:1 game
Den:1 game
CHI: 1 game
Sea: 1 game
LAL: 1 game
Pho: 1 game
Hou: 1 game
DET: 1 game

SAC: 1 game

Was: 2 games
Dal: 2 games
Por: 2 games
Min: 2 games
Utah: 2 games
SA: 2 games
MEM: 2 games

From the looks of it, I say us fans will be lucky to see this team finish with more than 35 wins.

We'd all love to drink the koolaide right now, but this season's performance and the previous 12 years is a much better indication of where this teams record will be by season's end.

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» Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:25 am
Yeah, that's about it right there. A couple week ago I estimated the W's playoff chances at somewhere just under 3%. Now, I'd say they're just under .3%.
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» Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:41 am
Coclusion = Forget it this season, unless a MAJOR turn around occurs which won't happen!

Right now, I'll say 34 wins and if SJackson is injured for a prolonged time, 31-32 wins!

Strange but after the trade things stunk up real fast
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» Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:52 am
migya wrote:Strange but after the trade things stunk up real fast

I'd say they stayed the same. Good team at home, terrible on the road===> Lottery.

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