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what would be a better NBA Logo ?

Keep Jerry West Sillohuette , That's why his MR CLUTCH
NBA colours should be Red,Blue and Black . Get the MJ logo Cranking !

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» Thu Jun 10, 2004 4:36 pm
Any1 seen the latest big story in pro sports , Larry Bird came out and said the NBA needs more whities. whilst i agree with him in so many ways i think the NBA is in search of the next U.S Born Whitey

I mean look at all the marquee players in the nba who are white. Nowitzski and Pedrag are the 2 big names that come to mind . But they play on Offense lead teams of the Mavericks and Kings. I bet if you were to trade them to an organization like Atlanta then they would stink because they just wouldn't have the supporting cast.

John Stockton has been the best white born US player since Birds era and there is another up in our front office that is pretty good. But far from that who else has taken over games , WHO HAS LED THERE TEAM to NBA GLORY.

I hope Dunleavy is the next great white hype . His probably the best person to do it in terms of potential and game. He is also the highest lottery pick of white US player for quite sometime, I am just waiting for the upcoming drafts in which a white High Schooler is selected with the no.1 pick . Can you see it happening . I can't !

Whats your thoughts on this Gentlemen . I am for 1 is a Whitey behind the keyboard . RU > ?

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» Thu Jun 10, 2004 9:28 pm
I think the zone defense will, over time, re-introduce the white player to the NBA game...

few realize the impact the zone has already had..just look at what's happening in the finals..the pistons without a superstar are sticking it to the fakers..wouldnt happen with the old no-zone rules.

The zone allows less athletic players to will take years and years to see the final impact of the zone..but I expect more fundalmentally sound players..players who shoot well from the perimeter..players who understand team defense..players who pass first..shoot 2nd..

Now of course many black players are strong in these areas of the game, but the zone gives white players a chance to compete..where before a team couldnt afford to keep the white player on the floor.

Mullin was a very good player...with the zone he would have been better..

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