Are You Pasta Mafia Worthy?

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» Tue Sep 19, 2006 9:39 am
Would you like to write reviews for The Pasta Mafia? Well... this is your chance!

If you think you are Pasta Mafia worthy, then send a message of your review(s) to our MySpace inbox ( or email Once your message is received our extraordinary group will read over and judge your review(s). If you are interested... please read on for important submission guidelines.

! Submission Consideration !
Follow these guidelines below:

1. Send a message of your review(s) to our MySpace inbox or email and title your message "Pasta Mafia Worthy" as the subject.
2. Make sure that your review(s) reflect The Pasta Mafia's mentality. Let our already written reviews inspire you to write your own.
3. Make sure that you rate your review spot, movie, or music from 0-5 jalapenos (you can use a half jalapeno if you must). Your review ratings have to be convincing!
4. Make sure that you title your review(s) correctly. If it's a restaurant, cold spot, or hot spot, please contain the address. For examples follow the format of our reviews for each section on
5. Give us a name you would like to use as a reviewer. It can be anything from your real name, to your alias, to a made up name.
6. Make sure that your reviews are not too long and not too short (300-500 words).

If these guidelines are not followed, your review(s) may not be considered. If your review(s) are worthy, we will send you a conformation message with posting information (when your review will be posted) along with other important details.

We thank you for your participation and are looking forward to reading your reviews!

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