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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 4:30 am
TMC wrote:
migya wrote:Wouldn't be the same would it if the team moves! I don't even live in Oakland and I don't want the team to leave there. Certain history is good and should be kept and cherished, not changed for the future because it is a real let down

Yeah, even if I don't live there, I don't want the Warriors to leave the Bay Area. I've been following them for years, always there and it would hurt to see them go. They're part of that community.

But I don't think a new owner would mean necessarily a change of location. The Warriors fans are the best of the country (that's a FACT) and every owner knows that he'll get his revenue as long as he puts a good product on the court.

Oakland is a big city, with alot of people so right there it's good for business! Alot of history in these Warriors

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:26 pm
They've moved already what? From the city of brotherly love to the city of the bay to the town of the bay I think they've moved enough. They can change to another city when I die.
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