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» Thu May 25, 2006 8:37 am
I couldn't find a link to his column today.

Reconnecting with good-guy Vida Blue

There is a link to this one, which is a great deal less than complimentary.

Do a search on the Press Democrat site.
Lowell Cohn

Near as I can recall ... quite often ... Lowell and other sportswriters are
NOT NICE. {I think that statement will probably make the Top 10
Understatements of the Year}

What do you suppose the world of newspapers would be like ...
IF columnists regularly made choices like this?

"His life has been difficult, and I'd prefer not to get into that.
I'm not writing about his difficulty. I want to tell you a story."

Did he say I want to write about "the good stuff?"

Hopefully, this "reconnecting with good-guy" will be reinforced and
continue. Perhaps, adding one more good thing will catch on and Lowell
will write about "good stuff" that "others want" ... you know ... some others
would really applaud if you wrote the good side of EVERYTHING ...

The good side of Barry Bonds ...
The Giants, The Warriors, The 49ers ...
"I know life has been difficult, and some would prefer you
not get into that."

You gotta LOVE yo'erself and others.

Keep It Up !!!


Reconnecting with that would be good for EVERYONE!
Whether Lowell continues on the Press Democrat or not!

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