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» Sun May 21, 2006 8:31 am
Congratulations to Barry Bonds, friends, family, teammates, etc.
Yesterday Barry hit homerun number 714

In addition ... Barry has become the current example of how some others, many others, really treat others ... despite what even the self same someones say, despite what the "Babe Ruth" in the area of how to treat others might say and/or demonstrate, every day.


We SAY we have a society full of Christians, believers in God ... and yet
people 'been throwing rocks at Barry Bonds in the newspaper, on television, in the stands, to his face, to the applause of many ... and will be, forever.

Stand up and cheer or have another beer, the achievement yesterday is a lifetime achievement award in a sport and in an activity where FAILURE is the norm. 1 success out of 3 attempts in baseball and you are a statistical hero for life. You will get the big bucks, and, when compared side by side, you will be admired because when it comes to your "swing" you did it "way" better than most. 1 out of 8 homeruns. Phenomenal, Fantastic, Awesome ... 1 out of 10 ... not so much. 60 home runs ... 61 ... 10 or 12 more? One more homerun every 10 games ... two weeks ... than the best who ever did it before. Don't pitch to this guy. Don't applaud.

The truth is that one small example of Barry Bonds continuous achievement over time occurred yesterday. Those who appreciate success and understand the value ... TO THEMSELVES ... of appreciating more will appreciate, cherish, LOVE every bone in his body. They will cheer, they will encourage, they will congratulate, they will GIVE THANKS because they know that is the essence of their own success.

Love ourselves AS we love others.
Appreciate the power in the sky that Barry celebrates .... EVERY TIME!

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