Gerald Green or/and Wally and Perkins

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» Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:28 am
I'm all for going for KG but there will be many teams going for him to. I'm all for going after Pierce but maybe the celts are not thinking of trading him anymore, at least not for a star or two in return. That being said, maybe the Celts would do a trade with us that will be beneficial to us.

The Celtics have alot of young guys ie. Delonte, Allen, Green, Jefferson and Perkins. They also have a pretty pathetic frontline right now with Raef LaFrentz, who is paid alot and looks like he will never be what he was in the first three years of his career (he looked like he was going to be allstar material), Olawokandi, who is an absolute bust and both Jefferson and Perkins, who are both really promising but are yet to play that great and have both have injury problems so early in their careers already! Both of them a re very big men and they may become injuryprone.

The Warriors need to get rid of Murphy! He is a very good player and a hardworking fan favourite but the truth is that he is just in the way of Ike Diogu and we all know that Diogu was grossly misused this season and has the capability to be a major contributor immediately. I remember reading an article in late December about how Ainge and Rivers both like Murphy very much and how Murphy, being from Irish background, wouldn't mind playing for the Celts. Well that's just great because that opens the possibility of getting players that can fill needed positions on the team, while also allowing Diogu to be the favored PF.

Possible trades are:

Murphy, Fisher and Pietrus for Wally, Green and Perkins.
This trade gives the Celtics Murphy, who is a better rebounder than anyone the Celts have right now. Fisher is a veteran and the Celtics don;t have any right now. He is also better than most of the PGs they have. Pietrus has the potential and would be liked by Ainge and Rivers as he is explosive and young. Wally has a big contract and would fit our needs at SF as he is more than decent, better than Dunleavy also (not hard :mrgreen: ). Green has been touted as a future great but how many years wil that take? He is a great player to have off the bench at either SG or SF. Perkins could really be something special and he has already shown great rebounding and shotblocking ability, though he doesn't seem to be much of a scorer.

I don't get the BYC crap but this trade works salarywise.

Another trade possibility:

Murphy, Foyle, Fisher and Dunleavy for Wally, LaFrentz and Green or Allen (rather Green).
Foyle gives slightly better shotblocking than Raef and not as bad a contract. Raef gives us an outside shootig big guy THAT CAN STAY ON THAT BENCH! Dunleavy can be a swingman that sets up other players more than anything else which the Celts could use
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» Tue Apr 25, 2006 8:30 am
I don't think there's a chance in hell they trade Green right now. They lost JJ for nothing, trading him before knowing what kind of player he was. Boston won't make the same mistake again.

Also, Olowokandi is a free agent, that's why they traded for him.

The last trade you proposed could be a very realistic possibility, if it involves Allen instead of Green. Numbers doesn't work, but it can be done with fillers on the Celtics side.
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» Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:07 pm
As long as Pierce is there it will be difficult to give Green a chance to become a star. Pierce could play SG and Green sF or vice versa but Pierce will always be number one there and that could very well clash with some of the young guys that are there.

i'd love to get Green but Allen looks promising, especailly defensively.

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