Game Thread: Warriors @ Los Angeles Lakers 2006-04-11

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» Sun Apr 09, 2006 3:53 am
Golden State Warriors (30-46) @ Los Angeles Lakers (41-37)

Start time 7:30 PM PST @ The Staples Center

Probable starters for the Golden State Warriors
PG - Derek Fisher
SG - Jason Richardson
SF - Mike Dunleavy
PF - Troy Murphy
C - Adonal Foyle

Probable starters for the Los Angeles Lakers
PG - Smush Parker
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Lamar Odom
PF - Kwame Brown
C - Chris Mihm

Team leaders
PPG - J. Richardson (23.5) | K. Bryant (35.1)
RPG - T. Murphy (10.1) | L. Odom (9.1)
APG - B. Davis (8.9) | L. Odom (5.4)
SPG - B. Davis (1.6) | K. Bryant (1.7)
BPG - A. Foyle (1.7) | C. Mihm (1.3)

Matchups this season
Jan 14 - Los Angeles Lakers (110) @ Golden State Warriors (104)
Jan 27 - Golden State Warriors (105) @ Los Angeles Lakers (106)
Mar 3 - Los Angeles Lakers (106) @ Golden State Warriors (94)
Apr 11 - Golden State Warriors @ Los Angeles Lakers
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» Sun Apr 09, 2006 5:43 pm
Two more losses and we beat our season's worst streak! YES!!!

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» Sun Apr 09, 2006 9:45 pm
Lakers 106
Warriors 92
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» Mon Apr 10, 2006 2:20 am
Let's see, the Fakers are in the running for a playoff spot. We're fighting for more balls in the lottery...

We win.

W's 109
Fakers 102
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» Mon Apr 10, 2006 6:22 am
Lakers by alot!

Warriors will throw games to get a better lottery position! Good for them!

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» Mon Apr 10, 2006 7:25 pm
I'd really like for Ike/Dre & Monta to go off, especially if J23's gonna sit. I want a win, but thats not neccesarily the best option @ this point---***030***---

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» Mon Apr 10, 2006 9:27 pm
Odom is gonnna be matched up against Dunleavy, pretty good matchup tho i htink MIKE D is gon win it by the way he is playing rite now. man i hoped he played like that for like the whole year

Kobe again will be unstoppable, MP foultrouble on Kobe, fisher will be shooting non stop cuz he'sa at staples, Murph will be MURPH

and yeah

warriors gon win
» Mon Apr 10, 2006 11:22 pm
^ wow thats really in-depth... E-40, is that you????
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» Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:35 am
Mid-way through the 4th quarter, Monty is uncharactersitically letting his young bucks play - Diogu has 25 points on 10-14 shooting, unstoppable in the low post, Biedrins has 10/15 and 4 blocks, Monta has 16 and 7 dimes and JRich and Pietrus are flooding the wings on the constant fast breaks. The Lakers are reeling, Kwame has been called for 6 three second calls, Kobe is wrestling the ball out of Odom's hands to shoot up impossible 1 on 4 bricks and Ws are up by 107-100 with 3 minutes to go and...Wait, Wait, Monty calls time, and Foyle, Murphy,Fisher and Dunleavy traipse back on the court. Kobe shoots 10 free throws, Ws are now down by three with 14 seconds left, their offense having mysteriously and once again ground to a halt. Fisher dribbles down the clock, hurls himself headlong into 3 lakers and is called for an offensive foul as Foyle fumbles the dead ball out of bounds. Final score, lakers 110, Ws 107 as our heroes inexplicably lose another heartbreaker. But good news, Warriors fans, Mullin will bring back Monty for another year of thrills and spills! get your season tickets now...
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» Tue Apr 11, 2006 10:57 am
drfrank wrote:^ wow thats really in-depth... E-40, is that you????

::lol: =D>

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» Tue Apr 11, 2006 1:36 pm
c'mon lets even these FT's up

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» Tue Apr 11, 2006 8:47 pm
aaand kwame airballs a FT haha.

But we're down by 5.. :( Kobe has 30pts..


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» Tue Apr 11, 2006 8:48 pm
:x What kind of call was that? Jumpball?!?! bullcrap!
» Tue Apr 11, 2006 9:12 pm
but did you see how mentally weak this team is? after that call, they just started to pout and settled for jumpers. if kobe has a call go against him (every blue moon), he takes it to the basket the very next time he touches the ball.

3rd quarter drought. what are halftime speeches for if they dont motivate players and get them ready to go. the team is not responding to the puppet wearing the suit and sitting on the bench. any other organization would fire this schmuck to send a message. what do the warriors do? raise ticket prices. un-be-lievable. i need to find a new team....marcus banks and the t'wolves?


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» Tue Apr 11, 2006 9:17 pm
Drought = Death for Warriors... Bad foul call = Death for Warriors...

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