Sad, sad day... Hudson traded =(

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» Thu Dec 16, 2004 5:09 pm
[Here's the link]

We just traded our best pitcher to Atlanta for three guys you never heard of. :x

I already thought Hudson was traded to LA last week and then the next day found out it wasn't true. So when I heard the news today... I wasn't as shocked or angry or sad as I should be. In fact, I'm already in acceptance mode. I knew this was bound to happen at anytime and it finally did. Oh well... :|

Go luck to Huddy. Thanks for the memories and everything you did for the community.

Go A's... :(

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» Fri Dec 17, 2004 1:03 pm
The bulldog will be missed. While I can't say I have ever heard of any of the guys that we are getting in return, I have learned to trust the Beane counter.

I do wish Huddy the best in Atlanta. I think it was wise of Beane to trade him to the NL. I bet his output will improve without having to face a DH.
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» Fri Dec 17, 2004 2:39 pm
Not an A's fan, but I can empathize. Hudson was a stud.

Being a Cubs fan, I am not too high on Juan Cruz. Guy has a blazing fastball, but I don't know about his head. Had a couple chances with the Cubs but never really put it together, though he seemed to pitch okay with Atlanta last year. He's got great stuff, just a matter of him getting it together upstairs.

I haven't heard anything about the other 2 guys, but sounds like they are both very good prospects.

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