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» Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:31 am
After a couple years of hiatus to regrow the forum, the annual awards are making a return! Old favorites and new categories are all open for voting, starting now, and ending in 3 weeks time (December 13th)! Seeing as this will be the first time we hold awards since the transition of the forum, I've decided to put a new twist on some of the old trophies! Beneath the descriptions, I will leave a sample sheet for you guys to copy, fill-out, and send in to me, via PM (OR, if you're the bold and vocal type, feel free to post your votes in this thread). While I will list possible nominations, the voting process is open to write-in votes for any member, so my nominations should be taken as examples; not the only choices in play. And, remember, my proud homies: no voting for yourself in any categories! :wink:

:D Without further ado, the categories! :D


Most Valuable Poster
The lifeblood of this forum, without whom the place would grow stale and boring. Loved, hated, in accords or disagreements; the MVPoster embodies the message board and carries the flag for this place on a continual basis. If you had to describe GoldenStWarriors in terms of one person, this would be the guy (or girl).
Possible nominations include: migya, Blackfoot, 8th Ave, Guybrush, PAWNO

Most Quality Poster
Not necessarily the loudest voice on the forum, but the most eloquent. A poster who speaks only when they have a thought-provoking point to bring to the discussion; the anti-spammer, if you will. This is the most grounded poster with whom conversation is always at a premium. The member who makes you think every time you read their position.
Possible nominations include: hobbes, BayAreaHoopz, GSW Hoops Fan, warriorsstepup, Knightoftheoceans, JREED

Best Thread-Starter
The architect of useful playgrounds to house the often wild discussions amongst us; this poster creates the most consistently high-quality posts on the entire forum. A muse for conversation.
Possible nominations include: krome, migya, Guybrush, Stairway Man, Blackfoot

Most Entertaining Poster
The person whose username alone intrigues you enough to click on a thread; the message board's resident clown prince of basketball. This award is a compilation of humorous posts, witty images, video or article links, and timely responses. If it entertains you, it applies to this award.
Possible nominations include: PAWNO, Josh Jamison, migya, 8th Ave, Mr Crackerz

Best Fan Award
Through thick and thin, this poster has the back of Warriors players, management, coaches, and/or anyone associated with the team in general. You don't have to always agree with this guy's position, but you never question the fandom.
Possible nominations include: Blackfoot, PAWNO, hobbes, warriorsstepup, Guybrush

Most Knowledgeable Poster
We're all fans here. But some of our members are absolute encyclopedias. And in an age where practically anything can be found with a quick Google search, instantaneous recall on basketball knowledge is an impressive trait. This is the fan that, through statistical wisdom, team history, fortune-telling prowess, and otherwise impressive means of knowledge, stands above all else in terms of basketball know-how.
Possible nominations include: GSW Hoops Fan, BayAreaHoopz, 8th Ave, Blackfoot, warriorsstepup

Best Avatar/Signature Combination
Previously, this award was split. This year, we're combining the two. It's pretty self-explanatory, but barring a massive upset by a slew of invading prudes, I think we all know whose got this trophy in the bag.
Possible nominations include: 8th Ave and...?

Best Moderator
It takes an enormous collective effort to run this place and all 4 men should be recognized for their wonderful teamwork in keeping this place spam-free, within civility, organized, inviting, and interesting. That being said, which mod stands out as the guy you believe best represents the interests of the message board?
Possible nominations include: hobbes, Mr Crackerz, Guybrush, JREED

Rookie of the Year Award
As it's name implies, this award goes to the best new poster who has been here no longer than November of 2011. Members make the forum and just like any major sport, the turnover of good rookies to keep this place afloat is extremely important. Here's to the rook's who chipped in with the finest bits of conversation!
Possible nominations include: Smitty, Ringo, Stairway Man, Warriorsallday, ShadsTheWarrior

Best Board Moment
This is a new category as well and it's simply a broadening of the old, "Post of the Year" and "Thread of the Year" categories. In terms of the team, which Warrior moment, noted and discussed on this forum, was your favorite since last year?
Possible nominations include: "Warriors Trade For Bogut", "Warriors Draft Barnes", "Monta Ellis' Deafening Return Ovation", "Warriors Announce Plans For SF Venue"

Worst Board Moment
Plainly speaking, the opposite of the Best Board Moment. The Warriors have made a habit of giving their fans headaches the past 20 years. Which moment stood out as worst for you?
Possible nominations include: "Warriors Trade Ellis/Udoh", "Tank Mode", "Lacob Boo'd On Chris Mullin Night", "Bogut's Microfracture Revelation"

As promised, here's the sample voting sheet:

Quality Poster:
Best Thread Starter:
Most Entertaining:
Best Fan:
Most Knowledgeable:
Best Sig/Avatar:
Best Moderator:
Best Board Moment:
Worst Board Moment:

Remember, voting will be opened by PM (to 32) or posts inside this thread until December 13th!

After the deadline, I'll post a new thread congratulating the winners! Good luck to everyone!
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» Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:30 am
Excellent, I've received a couple ballots via PM so far. Hopefully more are coming!

As for me, I'm more than happy to display my votes mid-thread:

MVP: 8th Ave. Dude is a consistent poster, phrases his opinion well, and keeps this place running hard with interesting convo. I think 2012 is this dude's year.

Quality Poster: Guybrush. Even if we disagree, he's always cordial, professional, and represents this place famously. A joy to converse with.

Best Thread Starter: Krome. Easy.

Most Entertaining: PAWNO gets the most genuine LOL's out of me on a regular basis.

Best Fan: Again, going with PAWNO. The pilgrimage to the Bay is a display of loyalty not many here can top.

Most Knowledgeable: Blackfoot. Pest's successor as the stat wizard of this place, tremendously fun to banter with.

Best Sig/Avatar. 8th Ave. C'mon.

Best Moderator: Guybrush. As with my MVP choice, I give lots of credit to guys who are here often.

Rookie-of-the-Year: Stairway Man

Best Board Moment: I'm gonna say drafting Harrison Barnes (and lurking JazzFanz.com to see all those whiners bitch about Tank Mode :mrgreen:)

Worst Board Moment: Lacob boo'd... Just disgraceful.
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» Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:52 am
32, thanks for taking this and running with it. Much appreciated!!
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» Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:16 am
No doubt; happy to do it!
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» Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:35 pm
Man, it's much harder to this than before...great to see so many people here now. :D And thanks for organizing this 32, I tip my hat to you for that, sir. :D :)

MVP: 32, easily. This place would look as it has as twice less members if this guy stopped coming. Always has an opinion, and it is really nice to chat with him, on any subject.

Quality Poster: Migya. Hard one. I'm gonna go with Migs, but there are quite a few people here as well, that are close second.

Best Thread Starter: Krome! I don't know why this is still here...he should just be awarded with this for life. :)

Most Entertaining: Pawno...man, if there was any doubt, that hooker thing was a clear reminder of who is the Joker here. :bday:

Best Fan: Hobbes. Taking care of this place, giving away tickets to friend and fans here despite his many responsibilities...just well done, mate. =D>

Most Knowledgeable: Blackfoot. I was surprised by how much this man know about our Warriors. There are a lot of people here who know damn much, but, he really surprised me this year.

Best Sig/Avatar: 8th ave...the same as for the best thread starter. Hopefully someone else will start putting in their sig and profile pic some nice titties and butts. :mrgreen:

Best Moderator: JREED. Even though he is not here as much lately, he always brings in some fresh ideas to the topics, and he is doing his job when it come to moderating. And he is the most rigorous of the four. :)

Rookie-of-the-Year: Ringo. Many new faces here. Stairway Man, Smitty, Warriorsallday, Ringo...it's a really tough one, but I'm gonna give my voice to Ringo.

Best Board Moment: Drafting Harrison Barnes. It was a toss up between that and the new arena...but, since we still didn't get the arena, I'm gonna vote for Barnes. I wanna see the arena first, and see the changes that I expect them to make at that point.

Worst Board Moment: Booing. That's just embarrassing.

And I would like to add "The most fiery fan" award...you guys should go to a game day thread and read a few posts from Martin before you start watching the game, it's like we are being gang banged, and then you turn on the game, and see that we lead by 5. ::lol: I admire that, he really likes the team, just needs to be a bit more calm. :)

There you go...good luck to everyone. And sorry if I forgot somebody, it's hard now, with so many members, you people need to be here often and post regularly. :)
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» Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:39 pm
Oh, and 32, it's not like we don't agree on any subject, at least we are agreeing on Bogut trade...lol
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» Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:33 pm
Guybrush I think your best fan vote for me needs to be rescinded after last night's game.
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» Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:22 pm
hobbes wrote:Guybrush I think your best fan vote for me needs to be rescinded after last night's game.

Hey, it happens to the best of us. :) You think I managded to watch every minute since I got a baby girl? ::lol:

There are some things you need to take care of, doesn't make you any less of a fan.

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» Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:43 pm
I definitely think 32 or Migya knows more than me.
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» Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:06 pm
MVP: 32, he's active and commits long, thorough, intelligent posts. I would like to add that he'd get my vote for the most improved poster and/or comeback poster - the comeback is obvious, but 32 has had some polarizing periods on this board (none for me personally - I've always enjoyed his posts), but you would have no idea by the way he has become one of the most important posters on here.

Quality Poster: Guy. Obvious nominees are guys like migs and 32, but Guy makes some compelling arguments, particularly in the 49er thread in support of Alex Smith. Arguing/debating with him sometimes makes me question myself, until I remember that i'm always right :mrgreen: . Additionally, how he is able to do all of this in a language that I assume is not his first, is impressive.

Best Thread Starter: Krome - nuff said!

Most Entertaining: Pawno - The one and only Pawnograffiti...

Best Fan: 8th ave - One of the more consistent posters on here and it's clear how much he loves this team.

Most Knowledgeable: migs - Another category with good candidates, but migs stays up all the NBA to a level that is only rivaled by 32. migya could have easily taken 3+ more awards, but I do want to mention that this guy has been a big person on several occasions and likely the most loyal member here.

Best Sig/Avatar: 8th ave - yup/yup!

Best Moderator: Guy - The most active mod and contributes the most to the discussion out of us. Guy picks up our slack.

Rookie-of-the-Year: Blackfoot - honestly I can't think of a whole lot of nominees for this one, not that Blackfoot doesn't deserve this award, but some of his shenanigans are borderline jinxes (calling easy games, betting on opposing teams, etc.) I may have to revise this if my superstitious side targets him as a bad luck charm... :wink:

Best Board Moment: Pawno's Encounter with a Pro - This one made it just under the gun, but this was clearly the highlight of the past year.

Worst Board Moment: Pawno's Encounter with a Pro - At the same time, Pawndawg may have brought this place to a new all-time low... Only time will tell if we recover from this incident...

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» Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:34 pm
MVP: 32 : Always insightfull with just about every topic
Quality Poster: Guybrush : Points are always valid, and well thoughtout
Best Thread Starter: Stairway: alot of nice topics started
Most Entertaining: Martin: Always entertaining in the game thread, has an interesting way of analyzing basketball the positive and negative
Best Fan: 8th, passionate about the team, you can clearly tell.
Most Knowledgeable: Blackout: Overall like how he can relate basketball stats to what goes on the court.
Best Sig/Avatar: 8th duh !!!
Best Moderator: I think overall you guys all do a great job running the forum.
Rookie-of-the-Year: Blackout has been real consistent
Best Board Moment: I remember a particular moment when Martin was a pestimistic earlier in the season, all in one game thread
Worst Board Moment: Pawno losing his V-card in vegas. lol
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» Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:53 pm
Well done making this thread 32.

MVP: Tough one. I'll go with Guy, because he has taken to being in this forum ever since he became moderator. He stays up to watch games and contributes well to most threads. Others who are up there are basically everyone here, but notable mentions are, among others, 8th, warriorstepup, hobbes and 32, who has come back with are much more mature attitude and has become a real key member here, taking part in most conversation very well, huge credit.

Quality Poster: Again, so many that could be chosen. I'll go with 32. He has given many well thought out posts that have much fact to them. Really has analysed games well. I've been able to get a hold of five games of the team this season and he has broken things down quite well from those games. Added some energy to the forum and really a big contributor to this forum being active quite a bit lately.

Best Thread Starter: Krome. I have to say him, his tirelesswork with getting the game threads up has been so valuable and he's done it for years and I hope will do so for many years more.

Most Entertaining: Pawno. For years Pawno has been funny as it gets and he is always in a seemingly good mood. Hope you're having a great time in the U.S. buddy.

Best Fan: Quite a few to chose from here as well, but I'll go with GSW Hoops Fan. Has always had some passion for topics about the team. Seems quite young and knowledgeable considering that.

Most Knowledgeable: Again, many to chose from, but i'll go with JREED. He doesn't say a whole lot or participate in many threads, but he seems to be right, at least to me, on pretty much everything to do with the team. Good to get insight on the team from him as I have agreed with quite alot.

Best Sig/Avatar: 8th ave, without doubt and has been for a few years now. I may be married for ten years, but man, I like some lady flesh and 8th reminds me with his sigs.

Best Moderator: Hobbes. This man is the reason this forum exists, has the proper temperment and personality to be the administrator. Participates in a few conversations and is knowledgeable about the team and the nba. Great to be here another year, as I have for some seven years now and thanks again for keeping this place as good as it is.

Rookie-of-the-Year: Blackfoot. This guy has become a key member of the forum. He is very knowledgeable and starts good conversations. Really like hearing his thoughts on the team and the nba.

Best Board Moment: The Drafting Harrison Barnes. I personally was real happy when the team kept the pick and then managed to get Barnes, who to me was the perfect fit to what the team needed. I think Barnes could be a future allstar type player and important member of the team.

Worst Board Moment: Pawno losing his virgin status to a harlot, if that's what happened. Pawno, have more self respect motherf'ker. Start working out a bit, get in shape, believe you'll get those Brisbane girls and take care of yourself.

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» Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:54 pm
I rarely do this, I rarely do much of anything on this board, except for games threads (sorry, folks, I'm a king of that land :mrgreen: ), but I'll pass some of my votes (I have never voted in politics as all anarchists should do, so I'm a voting virgin, but i'll try here):

MVP: 32, and not because he is right on subjects, but because he makes others around him better.
Quality Poster: guybrush he keeps it tight/neat and balanced.
Best Thread Starter: krome without game threads I have somewhere like 100 posts and no way I'm an All-Star
Most Entertaining: warriorstepup for discusions in game thread, blackfoot comes close, but he'll get his award anyway.
Best Fan: everyone
Most Knowledgeable: bob fitzgerald
Best Sig/Avatar: man, this is tuff as nails...needless to say I can't recount how many times I compared those lady bottoms in 8th ave signature. i would be ashamed if I had a girlfriend these days.
Best Moderator: pass
Rookie-of-the-Year: Blackfoot
Best Board Moment: change of board picture
Worst Board Moment: still having tim kawakami on twitter feeds
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» Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:55 pm
MVP: 32
Quality Poster: Guy
Best Thread Starter: The Krome award
Most Entertaining: Pawno
Best Fan: Migs. Been here for years, man.
Most Knowledgeable: 32.
Best Sig/Avatar: I like
Best Moderator: Guybrush
Rookie-of-the-Year: Blackfoot
Best Board Moment:Bogut trade
Worst Board Moment: Booing of Joe Lacob. WHERE ARE YOU NOW!?

For future references, I thnk it'll be a REALLY good idea to take out some categories. It'll make the selection process a lot easier, not that it's hard now, but I feel like some of them are really interchangeable. I feel like best fan, most knowledgable, and MVP should be clumped up into the 1.
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» Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:25 pm
I feel you, 8th. I think it's just an opportunity to spread the love and while there's no gaping differences in those 3 categories, they're definitely not the same thing. Being here constantly and posting a lot is more MVP... you don't necessarily have to be the most knowledgeable on the team/sport. But I hear you on Best Fan, that one's kinda tough to define...

I've updated the running tally and while there are a couple spots still in question, it's gonna take an otherworldly upset to unseat a few of the guys running away with their annual awards (*cough* Krome, 8th, PAWNO, etc *cough*). The closest category still in play for multiple board members is Most Knowledgeable, so Migs and Blackfoot better do some quick campaigning to secure that trophy by the 13th. :wink:

4 more days, gentlemen! Let's get those votes in, if you haven't already!

(Lookin at you, hobbes, GSW Hoops Fan, BayAreaHoopz! :mrgreen: )

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