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» Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:35 am
David Lee, does this guy have a post game ? Or are the warriors just not going down to him enough. So far I have not been impressed with Lee, maybe because my expectation was high for him. While it is still early, I need more consistency from Lee, he really needs to define himself from being a hustle player to a skilled post guy who can hit from outside. We are going to Landry at end of games, not Lee's fault because Landry is balling crazy, but I will like to see David Lee defining himself in that manner, when we need a bucket we should be able to go to Lee, in return Lee needs to define his go to moves that will net us buckets.

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» Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:39 am
Lee's shooting 8% poorer than last year and taking 3 less field goals, 1.5 less free throws.

He'll come around - he's not a 42% shooter, he's just not getting many calls inside and is relying too heavily on his jumper, which comes and goes. And don't forget, he's sharing his touches with Landry now. Last year, we ran almost everything through a triangle between Lee, Klay, and a corner shooter. It's easier to catch a rhythm when you get a ton of looks. Lee's still trying to find his touch while playing the same minutes without the same number of plays.

As far as everything else, his turnovers are down, his FT% is up, he's averaging an extra assist per game, and he's leading the team at 9.9 RPG. The shooting is not far behind, don't worry bro.

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» Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:34 pm
warriorsstepup wrote:David Lee, does this guy have a post game ? Or are the warriors just not going down to him enough.

David Lee's offensive game is not a "low block/back-to-the-basket" post game. David Lee is an athletic and quick power forward who can break down his defender off of the dribble, execute and move well both on the pick and roll as well as the pick and pop, put back missed shots, and maybe most importantly, David Lee can get opposing power forwards into foul trouble.

Does David Lee's game have deficiencies? Yes; however, David Lee is a good player, and when teamed up with an inside presence like Andrew Bogut, David Lee can be most effective.

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» Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:44 am
Thanks for the insight guys the reason why I had inquired about Lee's post up game is to find out the dynamics of this team. Uptempo answerd the question I was wondering about which the answer is Lee does not have a post of game or limited 1 I should say. And 32 answered similar question concerning Bogut, mentioning Boguts overall lack of post game, so that leaves us with Landry as our primary post player. This is all important because I had imagined the Warriors would have a inside outside game which might involve double teams leaving an open man on the 3 point line. Looks like the Warriors will be play in allot of motion offense to open up shooters. It might seem like I am being overly critical of David Lee but I do like him, maybe my expectations are a bit higher than they should be.

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» Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:47 am
Between the 3, Landry is our best post option, followed by the cleverness of Lee, then finally the size of Bogut.

That being said, the possibilities are endless for success here. When both guys are on, Lee and Landry are a phenomenal offensive tandem. When you're protecting a lead and looking to use clock, Lee and Bogut are the best choice. If you need to catch a team from behind, feed Landry and defend with Bogut. Lee and Bogut give you the best passing and rebounding. But regarding Landry's post game, I'll simply refer you to my cheat sheet:

32 wrote:PF - 5 - Carl Landry

Strengths (+) -  Warriors fans will recognize Carl Landry as the player Ike Diogu should have turned into: a stocky, old school power forward with a 1970's skill-set and a dragon-esque wingspan. Landry is an extremely educated player from inside 6 feet, who knows how to score in a myriad of ways; he can sink it with contact, has a Monta Ellis spin from the triple threat, can use glass or net it straight, hides the ball well inside, and bullies the opposition every moment he's on the floor. He has a solid midrange that will reach out to 15 feet. Effort is never an issue, nor is character; Landry is an excellent locker room guy and a solid influence on young players. A supremely talented low-post option, Landry doesn't pass out of the low block because he doesn't have to. He can score in multiple coverage and is easily among the league's best bench power forwards. An asset on the offensive glass, Landry gives his team extra possessions and is furiously quick off of two feet for unblockable put-backs. A career 6th man, Landry is starter-quality without the egocentric urge to rock the boat when it comes to his coach's rotations.

Weaknesses (-) - Landry has a reputation as a bit of a foul machine and is anemic on the defensive end. While he isn't quite the red carpet that David Lee is, the two of them may combine to be the least efficient defensive tandem at power forward in the league. As mentioned above, Landry does not look to pass (ever) and has averaged a shade under twice as many turnovers as assists on his career. A below-average rebounder whose RP35 average on his life amounts to 7.1 - which puts him on the same level as Chris Bosh as far as useless 4's on the glass. Landry typically averages as many defensive rebounds as offensive rebounds, which would be great if he hauled down 14 a night, but as it stands, the results translate into a general lack of enthusiasm on the defensive glass. The bottom line is that Landry's contributions are entirely located on one side of the floor.

Offensive game... 4/5
Defensive game... 2/5
Intangibles............ 2.5/5
Skill.......................... 4/5
Effort...................... 4.5/5

Overall = 66

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