Game Thread: Denver Nuggets @ Warriors 2012-11-10

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» Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:10 am
I couldn't bring myself to type something last night, cause I know it would be quite bad. It won't be much better now, though.

First thing, Klay Thompson. I was never as high on him as some people were, but I never wanted to say anything bad about him, cause he is still a young, and a good kid, and he is still developing. But...Klay should not play over 40 minutes a game, Klay should not take close to 30 shots per game, and Klay definitely isn't our go to guy, which was painfully obvious last night when he, as a pure shooter, missed both free throws that in the end cost us the game. He will get his points, but how could he not when he shoots that much. And those are not open shots, cause he is pretty much a one trick pony. He is a good shooter, and that's it, at least for now. So, when he goes through the screens and there is a clear shot, please Klay, feel free to take it...but those times (and there's quite few of them) when there just isn't enough space to shoot, don't ****ing shoot!
Other than that, he is our weakest link on defense. I couldn't believe how easily Denver's players were running past him...he looked more like a revolving door out there. To his credit, he is not the idiot who put him to guard was expected that Iggy would make him look like a kid occasionally.

So, Klay is good, I like the kid, but he needs to pull the break a bit, cause he is not our best player, he is a 4th, eventually third scorer on the team, for now at least.

Now,, in the end we had a chance to separate ourselves from them, and Jackson called some pretty horrendous plays. We tried multiple times some three pointers after screens, on the run. Not so much down to the post plays...just when accidentally Landry got to the ball. He should have pulled out Klay, the kid was out there all the time. Barnes handcuffed Gallinari, he wasn't seen practiacly while Harrison was on him, and he played less than 20 minutes, WTF?! Then you have that small ball again with Landry and Lee against McGee (Koufos) and Manimal. How can they beat them, when it is quite obvious that they have all of the advantage in height and physicality. Ezeli had to be out there some more as well. Lee was obviously tired, it's hard to battle it without a stop against bigger guys.

Damn...I'm just thoroughly disappointed by this game, on so many accounts. We should have taken this one...we had to take it, and had more than one shot at it, and we blew it every time.
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» Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:01 am
This is a game I want to see, just to see everything, inlcuding the f'ups.

Double overtime, so was close, but the team let the Nugs go on an 11-0 run to end the game and that is choking right there. Why Ezeli doesn't get to play more when he has the size and defense, beats me for sure. Barnes seemed like he did alright when he was in, but not sure. Team needs to get up for the next game and come out with some anger.

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» Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:49 pm
Now I can look at this with a little bit more objectivity.

Losing close games is better than be blowing out. It is a better indicator of future success. It's a long season and Bogut is not back. Klay unchoked with a three, but man, Carl choked again. **** hurts.
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» Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:38 am
Biedrins 2/2 FTs :D
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» Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:25 am

- What a soul-crushing, heart-stomping loss that was. Klay Thompson and Carl Landry were a combined 0 for 4 on most important free throws ever. Kenneth Faried feasted hungrily on a Warriors team lacking their heavyweight inside. He, JaVelle McGee, and Kosta Koufus quite literally played wack-a-mole with everything the Dubs put up: their combined 9 blocks being more than a third of what Golden State has gathered in the same category ALL SEASON (24).

- Steph Curry has Brian Wilson syndrome; for some reason, he's only in tip-top order when the adrenaline is flowing and the game is on the line. Curry, due to foul trouble and cold shooting, was invisible for 3 quarters and then proceeded to be the Warriors' only hope in the final 3. One wonders what sort of crazy numbers #30 would put up if he could sustain his heat for the entire game..

- Jarrett Jack's honeymoon phase as the do-no-wrong super sub is over. After wondering what teams were thinking for not retaining him all these years, Warriors fans finally see Jack's complete lack of stand-still shooting as his effective kryptonite. For a guy that distributes on offense, Jack becomes neutralized when teams back off, clog the middle, and play the passing lanes. That's not to say he isn't an asset, but it appears quicker, risky guards are gonna be trouble for JJ all year.

- Carl Landry busted my theorem from a week ago; the big guy poured in 22 points on 64% shooting and the Dubs still lost. Maybe Kenneth Faried having as many rebounds as he and David Lee combined had something to do with it...

- Credit where credit is due; granted, after my second round of absinthe, I thought I was dreaming of 2006 when I saw Andris yanking down all the boards in the first half. 8 snags in 19 minutes, plus a steal and a dime. To be honest, even as the resident Biedrins nemesis, I was wondering why Jackson didn't go back to him in the second half... Especially considering Ezeli's off-game and Faried eating the front court's collective asses.

- I agree with the peanut gallery; 54 minutes of Klay Thompson doing his best Stephen Jackson impersonation isn't the greatest ball to watch. I'm not sure I've ever seen a team turn Klay into a volume shooter like that. Most teams chase him off the 3-point line. Denver was daring him and the result was a 5-for-15 night from deep... And, not to keep repeating the obvious, but 10 misses is entirely too many boards to give the Nuggets when Kenneth Faried is going Moses Malone on DLee inside.

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