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» Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:16 am
What the HELL, pawno?!?!!!


Just playin homie. I don't mind missing votes; there was a time I'd post 20+ times a day here and won Most Knowledgable, I believe a Best Thread and I've gotten several MVP runner ups. IMO, there's been a changing of the guard and I'm happy being a part of this place, rather than one of the biggest parts to it.
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» Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:06 pm
PAWNO wrote:Hey guys.

I followed JREED instructions & private messaged my selections.

I just wanted to give you all a heads up so you don't think I am not getting involved.

I didn't stray too far off the path & I voted for most of the usual suspects But i guess i chose to submit it via PM as so I wouldn't ruffle any feathers into people thinking i don't like them etc.

That's why I just suggested the PM, either way I'll still tally everything up. Most people are just outright voting instead of nominating, which is ok, it was about 50/50 last time.
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» Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:07 pm
This was really hard, had to go back and study the posts for this season. It was very hard to come up with just 1 person for each, so please don't be upset if I didn't nominate you. I give out props to our newbies and returning contributers, I took some of you out of consideration if you weren't posting for the entire season.

I wasn't here when 32 left, but since he has been back have enjoyed his contributions. Also, shout out to Krome for being the most reliable with his Game Threads.

Without furhter Ado:

MVP: Hoobes ... have to go with Hoobes because without him this site wouldn't run so smoothly. He puts a lot of effort into it. Ty Hoobes.

Most quality poster: Warriorsstepup, post are always good, and well thought out. I enjoy reading his posts and anyone who has a name that finishes in "pup" must be a good person.

Best Thread Starter: TRON is quiet most of the time, but looking back at this season he has started some really good threads: 2012 draft choice, Time for a new coach, What's the deal with Tyler?, Should we tank?, No need to be better, Mysteries of life. (don't know if BigTron = TRON).

Most Entertaining: 8th Ave... example of some of the crazy **** he posts:
8th ave wrote:How I feel about our win :


Best Fan: GuyBrush... can't believe his dedication to catch up on Warriors basketball all the way from Serbia, and he posts on a consistent basis!

Most Knowledgeable About Basketball: Migya. Although I don't always agree with him, there is no doubt he has a lot of knowldge. This is Basketball in gneneral, not just warriors.

Best Thread: Rush vs Nate: Early Offseason Debate by 32

Best Avatar: 8th ave

Best Sig: 8th ave

Rookie of the Year: Fullmetalx

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» Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:22 pm
Here are my nominations

MVP: Guybrush- he has been great this year (as JREED and Hobbes). He will comment on anything and everything (including that very awkward gay thread earlier today). Does a lot behind the scenes. He is very active each and every day. Can't ask more for a guy.

Most quality poster: GSW Hoops Fan - I could have gone with any of the other 3 mods, but GSW has been consistent and great for this board these past couple years. He is MVP worthy!

Best Thread Starter "The Krome award": Krome... so appreciative of what he does each and every game. Whether there are 3 posts or 30, krome is still at it. Well done buddy and thank you!

Most Entertaining: I am voting for 32.... he is not entertaining like a clown but I am entertained when I read about his opinions and thoughts, especially when i disagree with him. Haven't had time to debate him enough, but I do enjoy reading his posts.

Best Fan: Migya- He, like 32, can be polarizing on his viewpoints (on occasion, not always), but I enjoy that in this forum. I love that it doesn't matter what one believes, but as long as they are able to justify it or challenge your own thoughts. Migya has been in this forum for several years (he joined like 1 week after me), but his commitment to this forum has been consistently great. He is a great fan who
loves his warriors.

Most Knowledgeable About Basketball: Going with Hobbes. Very articulate with his thoughts and knowledge of the game. Makes me stop and question my own thoughts at times. I've learned a lot of things from hobbes. Glad to be a part of a site with such a good leader.

Best Thread: no vote

Best Avatar: no vote... except, can I give Pawno -1 for constantly reminding me about the worst day in Warriors HIstory?

Best Sig: no vote

Rookie of the Year: Fullmetalx

Honorable Mention: Warriorsstepup... dude is a great contributor.
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» Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:05 am
I got into all of the talk here last night, that I forgot to vote. I'll try to do that tonight when I finish work and stuff I have after it.
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» Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:43 am
I better do this now...I'm postponing it too much.

MVP: Migya - I'm just gonna say that this place would be much different without him around.

Most quality poster: GSW Hoops Fan - always says something that has a point, even though we don't always agree on everything. He's posting a bit less, but I guess if you post too often, your posts lose on quality. :)

Best Thread Starter: TRON - like someone said before, all the threads he started had a good response and we had a lot of great conversations there.

Most Entertaining: PAWNO - We're all here to talk Warriors, but I like it when you can joke with someone in the process. PAWNO is definitely a person who is always up for a laugh. Much appreciated here, mate.

Best Fan: 32 - I'll vote him here, because after all the mess that I heard he was part of here, and having some fights with Migs, he came back, and made peace with Migs (I give them both props for that, really glad that all is cool there) just so he can talk about our team with other fans.

Most Knowledgeable About Basketball: Hobbes/Warriorsstepup - They both don't post that much, but everything they do say, just makes too much sense.

Best Thread: TV Shows (by JREED) - We mostly talk about Warriors, which is a point, but it's nice to share a bit more with guys here, cause I found that I really enjoy talking with a lot of guys from this board. We have some A class people here.

Best Avatar: 8th Ave - What should be said here...we all like hot girls. :mrgreen: Why we don't have any women here? ::razz:

Best Sig: 8th Ave - The same as above...though, it's not any contest when there's like 2-3 guys here that have sigs at all. ::lol:

Rookie of the Year: fullmetalx - He's been a good contributor here, and is giving some nice arguments in his posts. There are a lot of new guys now, but they just got here.

I'm sorry if I maybe forgot someone, usually the guys that post a lot make the biggest impression. Continuity is a good thing here, cause it doesn't let you forget. :)
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» Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:14 am
So nobody really nominated, just voted, which is fine but if it's all the same to everyone else, I'm just gonna tally up the votes Sunday. So if anyone still wants to vote, you have until Sunday.

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