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» Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:10 pm
It seems like the west just keeps getting weaker and weaker.
Dallas lost it's starting Center. NO lost it's PF, and PG. Denver is a mess.

here is last years standings:
1- San Antonio
2- Lakers
3- Dallas
4- OKC
5- Denver
6- Portland
7- NO
8- Memphis
9- Houston
10- Pheonix
11- Utah
12- GSW
13- Clippers
14- Sac
15 - Minesota

I usually as a rule of thumb say 2 teams will not make it to the playoffs from the previous year, leaving 2 new teams to compete for spots.
Here is my BOLD predictions for 2012 standings:
1- OKC (Their bigger, better and more confident then last year. Having KP for full year will make a huge difference in their D).
2- Lakers (They under achieved last year.. should have put up a better fiight in the playoffs. The loss of Odom will hurt.)
3- Dallas (Lost some key pieces, but they picked up some good vet pieces, not as good as last year but not terrible)
4- San Antonio (Window is closing but still loads of talent)
5- Memphis (new confidence and finally learning to play together)
6 - LA Clippers (CP3, Billiups and Buttler are great verteran additions)
7- GSW (if we can play D, we can make the 7th spot no problem)
8- Portland (Good team. Like the addition of Felton. Injuries are hurthing them and depth may be an issue)
9 - Houston (Still have good Core, but not sure about McHale, and no new rooster pickups that are exciting)
10 - Pheonix (Old. Old. Their young guys are not that good. It's a hard schedule for that old of a team)
11- Minesota (Lots of talent, and they will learn to play better as year goes on under new coach)
12 - Sac (They have load of talanet, but are very inexperienced and make mistakes)
13 - Denver (3 best players not named Nene are in china)
14- Utah (they were plumbting after Williams left and Sloan quit)
15 - NO (they barely have a team... Gordon best player, with 2 centers being the next best... Kaman and Okofur)
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» Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:08 pm
we're not making the playoffs
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» Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:54 pm
8th ave wrote:we're not making the playoffs

Why? We are a better team then last year. Not much better, but better. Same starters... A better backup center ( don't tell me u liked Dan Gadzurich better then Kwame?) Udoh healthy and playing backup PF. I would take Klay over Vladimir, R Carney, or any other Sf we had. Will miss Reggie though.

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» Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:33 pm
Interesting prediction. Though I too think the warriors will not make the playoffs (we always find a way to lose).

1. OKC (team is loaded with talent... Perkins is coming in 32 pounds lighter).
2. Dallas (defending champions... they will find pieces to stay competitive)
3. Lakers (when Nash is traded to them during midseason, the Lakers will have a solid starting 5... weak bench though),
4. Memphis (team is returning all key players... they are 1 year older, meaning more experience and chemistry. Possible Dynasty).
5. Clippers (CP3 and Griffin show)
6. San Antonio (still old, but still will be able to make it to the playoffs)
7. Sacramento (the talented misfits FINALLY return to the playoffs are lead by Marcus Thorton, Evens, Cousins, Crawford, AK47, and JIMMER).
8. POrtland (team will surprise many and squeak on by for a win.

9th: Warriors... they play good enough where they ruin themselves out of a good draft pick, but poor enough where they miss the playoffs once again.
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» Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:35 am
Thing is, talent on the team is not getting any higher and will not make the team better comparably any time soon
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» Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:49 pm
This migration started several seasons ago and hasn't done much to upset the West's dominance. Seems like you get 1-3 teams from the East that can compete with most the Western teams, but when you compare records and inter-conference records, the West still owns:

Inter-Conference Record:
261 - 189 = West Ownage of the East

I mentioned it in a previous post in another thread, but consider the Melo trade and how they lost their best player and yet they improved and the Knicks remained marginal. The Heat could have went with any two to the big three and used that extra money on role players and depth and they'd likely be the best team in the NBA.

Star power is required most of the time for a championship, but it's not a substitute for a good, all-around team.
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» Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:59 pm
I don't think people are crazy for predicting us in the playoffs. I've seen non-warrior fans predict us finishing as high as 5th. Hopefully, this is a situation like the Niners past offseason. No real sexy moves, but addressing our needs with 1 year contracts and bringing in a new culture change (After two similar coaches who were clueless what to do with the talent on the roster - sound familiar?). Just as the 49ers had a damn good defense for years but were let down by the offenses ability to move the ball, leaving them little rest and poor field position. Even though the offense is not anything to fear, it is at least competent and allows them to win the game with a strong and refreshed defense.

If we can jump up 5-10 in the overall defensive rankings, I think we will be a playoff team. Plus I think the offense should be even better. We have much better guard depth so Monta and a (healthy!) Curry should be even better on both ends of the floor. We actually have 2 C's even if none are good. They are big bodies which is something we've been lacking. And if Kwame can stay in shape and play to his capabilities should not require nearly as much doubling in the post, which has KILLED us for years. We have a healthier and bulkier Udoh should be improved having some experience under his belt and a healthy offseason to work on his strength and game.

Still need another SF . Both Shawne Williams and Earl Clark who I liked as cheap options are signed. Maybe go back for Thornton who played solid with us or Richard Jefferson who is a solid veteran presence. Would also like a 5th guard like Stephenson who specializes at defense to give 20 minutes of energy and toughness on the defensive end and be a 4th to 5th option on offense.
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» Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:56 am
I think if Curry alone improves that could mean a 10 game swing - he showed his youth and inexperience several times late in games last season with stupid turnovers and bad decision making. If you couple that with Lee coming into the season like he finished last season and if Beans could do anything. We could be a playoff team. That's a lot of ifs though.

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