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» Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:20 pm
TRON wrote:
fullmetalx wrote:
GSW Hoops Fan wrote:
TRON wrote:Personally i didn't like this a bit. Riley will try to get the new guy fired on the first given opportunity. He did it to Mullin he will do that again. You can't have a man with two heads. It's a petty, it was an opportunity for a new start.

As much as I like Mullin, it is hard not to notice that he didn't help his case with the trade of Jason Richardson, and then the Baron Davis decision (still unclear if it was his choice not to sign him), and then Ellis incident (the handling or the Moped incident), then Steven Jackson Extension fiasco (not sure who's decision that was)... plus he seemed to clash with the owner... but then again who wouldn't. But that doesn't bode well when the owner signs your checks.

I doubt there was a lot less work by Riely to get Mullin out as you are indicating, if any. I am more the believer that Riely's good work as a scout/assistant got him the opportunity when the opportunity was there. Mullin was on his way out regardless.

Also, I am inclined to think that Lacob has already talked to Riely about hiring Myers, and what the expectations were as far as if Myers is to be GM in training.

The Stephen Jackson signing was Rowell when Stephen bypass Mullin and went to negotiate his contract with Rowell and got his money. Mullin wasn't in on contract. "Let hope this work out for next season" have been used a lot for awhile now for GSW season and most of the time it doesn't. It will be interesting to see how new ownership add pieces with the New CBA, and how they can attract a good center via FA. I don't think they will draft a center, because they take patience to develop and most of the time good centers enter the NBA fail to live up to the hype. I think Riley capable of adding another guard or two, a SF, but getting a good center will be challenging, because good Centers are very few and very expensive. They got to replace AB, because he is a non factor and this team defensive capabilities are very limited throughout the 82 game season in the West. I don't think Lacob has the patience to wait and develop a young promising Center, unless he willing to take the risk and pray that Center put his basketball game together quickly.

All this is good but you are missing the point. Read this ... nba-341094

That means that new owners acknowledge there was a foul play involved in Mullin's case. ... ers_041311

That means that you can't mess around with somebody's ego.

Who will get credit for a good move?
Who will get the fall for a bad one?
Will Myers accept to work hard behind the scenes and let Riley get all the credit?
Will they find a way to work together for the Warriors, or they will fight to the death?
What happens if they don't agree, for a draft pick for example?
I want this team to have a vision for the first time in 30 years. And a vision can be had by one man. There has to be one man with the plan. Two man means two plan's.

I'm sorry, but "Two man means two plan's"? There is one plan... that is Lacob's plan. Come on guys, this is a team effort, let's hope that they don't think the same way you do, or nothing will ever get done because everyone is too worried about who will get credit.
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» Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:38 pm
I am suspicious of Riley because of the past. I am left with the impression that instead of working with Mullin for the benefit of our team, he was working under him to take his job. If its true, i don't like people with that kind of mentality. But in the end i do hope that this thing works out for us.
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» Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:31 pm
migya wrote:
Dr. Spaceman wrote:Anyone who thinks the Hawks are moving Horford for anything we have besides a combo of Monta and Curry is crazy. But Josh Smith will be shopped around this summer. Smith is a very capable player who is more held back by the system than anything from putting up allstar numbers. They are a team with a lot of talent but they still believe Joe Johnson is a superstar so Smith is relegated to a jumpshooting 3rd option. He contributes in all facets of the game (although his defense is overrated it is way better than Lee's) and like I have previously stated is friends with Monta and respects him (J Smoov played him in high school and Monta scored 42 points in a loss so when Smith got MVP of the game, he gave it to Ellis).

That's a real class act by JSmith and at such a young age.

Horford likely is very high to the Hawks FO, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't trade him if they thought they needed a change and the players offered to them could make them better, in their opinion at least. You are right that JJ is not a superstar, but he has been better and seems to be getting the money and happy with that. I do think that they could see Monta as a PG and a good fit next to JJ, as Monta has been getting alot of assists this season and especially lately. Worth a try at least, but I see JSmith as valuable as Horford, Horford is just the newer flavour, but JSmith has been so allround and such a good defender for years and I think he is a better scorer than what he has been able to be in Atlanta. He'd be great here I think.

Dr. Spaceman wrote:IF and this is a big IF, the Hawks wanted a trade enough, I would do something like Biedrins and Curry for Smith and Teague in a second. The Hawks need a PG and want to move Horford to PF and we could draft a better complimentary PG for Monta. I honestly think our best way of turning Biedrins into something useful is to include Curry instead of Monta since he is cheaper and has such a promising aura about him. But the truth is if we want a team that plays on both sides of the ball, Curry is probably never going to even be an average defender and it's been a long time since a team won a championship where their PG was their best player.

If the team trades Curry, they have to get a replacement PG for sure and more than just an average one. Maybe Monta for Paul of the Hornets could be done, if so, this trade you've said makes sense and would work. I'd get Hinrich and JSmith, if just for Monta and AB, salaries permitting, add fillers as necessary. Hinrich doesn't look like the same player he was a few years ago, but he is still decent.

Looking at it, trading Curry and AB for Teague and JSmith and then Monta for a resigned Paul would give us a lineup like:

PG - Pau
SG - DWright
SF - JSmith
PF - Ekpe Udoh
C - Lee


PG - Paul
SG - DWright
SF - RWilliams
PF - JSmith
C - Lee

Lee is the weak link to me, but he rebounds and scores a bit so not awful. Better lineyps than right now

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» Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:03 pm

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