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» Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:36 pm
Yes, folks it seems to be that time. With us eliminated from the playoffs and in the midst of March Madness, I figured it's time to start discussing some of the players we'd like to see on the W's next year. These scenario's are also more realistic than any trade we have been posting here recently. This draft may seem really weak since there looks to be no guaranteed all-stars like the last two (Griffin, Wall). But I think that this is the type of draft where our draft slot should fit nicely, as the talent disparity between someone we can get at 10-11 and 2-3 is not as great as i years past.
What direction would you like to see the team go in with our pick and what prospects do you like? Hopefully some of our overseas members can give us input on some of the European players all over draft boards like Jonas Valuncianus (sp?).

I would like to see us pick up a nice C prospect if it is available at the pick, but think we honestly should go BPA rather than reach for any big that is not already significantly along in his development. I like Kawhi Leonard out of SDSU alot who is being slotted around our pick. He is a a very good rebounding SF with some pretty good size (Not a Randolph tweener) who can sit behind Wright and learn or become a fulltime starter. Also like Terrence Jones from Kentucky, who is a bit of a tweener, but more in the Bass/Milsapp mode than Randolph. He is young, already has good size and could be a valuable bench piece to play SF and PF and allow for some more versatile lineups. Who do you guys like for us next year
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» Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:56 pm
There aren't a lot of guys I like that would be available when the Warriors pick, assuming they stay around the 10th - 12th spots. I'm not sold on Leonard and see him more of a Matt Barnes or Jamario Moon type role player. The only players I really like are Derrick Williams, Perry Jones, Enes Kanter and Kyrie Iriving. Unfortunately, those are probably the first 5 players drafted. I think Perry Jones would be the best fit for the Warriors. A long small forward that could be a Kevin Durant type player.

Unless the Warriors plan to move up, I don't see them getting any of those players. Stephen Curry could be a nice piece to use to move up along with Ekpe Udoh. They drafted Udoh before they got David Lee. If they've already had Lee, I think they would of went with Monroe, who is more of a center than Udoh. Or Farouq Aminu. With Udoh's limited time on the court, due to injury, his value may not be that great. Something in the line of Steph Curry and Ekpe Udoh to Sacramento for the 4th overall pick and Jason Thompson. This would give the Kings a nice backcourt with Curry and Evans. They also get Curry without giving up Cousins or Casspi.

For the Warriors, they draft Perry Jones at 4 and someone like Alec Burks, a 6'6 SG out of Colorado who has drawn comparisons to Brandon Roy.

Line up:

PG Monta Ellis - Jeremy Lin
SG Alec Burks - Reggie Williams
SF Perry Jones - Dorell Wright
PF David Lee - Lou Amundson
C Andris Biedrins - Jason Thompson
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» Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:28 pm
Well, this is assuming you don't find anyone to do a sign and trade for a quality center, assuming that we are just filing in the gaps and not trading anyone.

I would go with Brandon Knight as my 11th pick draft choice. This is his frist year as PG and is doing well on Kentucky. He has all the things to be a good PG, speed, athletic, good scorer, good shooter, storng work ethic. It is always important to have decent backup PG. I liked what Law brought coming of the bench pushing the ball, but he lacked the ability to get others involved at times, and has a horrible outside shoot, so the defense didn't have to come out to the 3 point line to guard him. That eliminates driving lanes for others.

Then I would sign a Center. I think big guys take longer to develop, so I wouldn't really want to draft a Center, with the squad we have I think we need a guy who has seen some NBA action. I would be willing to take a Gamble on Oden for the right price, and aslo on DeAndre Jordan. Dalembert might be a more realistic choice.

Then I would sign some SG and SF. Maybe bring back Reggie depending on price. Also would like to more of Thorton and even Vlad if it were the Veteran minimum. Also Jonas Jerebko hasn't played this year, but he was looking solid his rookie year. Kelena Azubike is a free agent, he might be looking for another chance.

There are definately some decent SG, SF you can get to fill up your bench. That is why I would go with a solid PG in the draft. If there is someone clearly better or with more upside, like Barnes or Perry Jones or even one of those international big guys (I haven't seen them play, so don't know how good they are), then I would go with them. But I think for the spot we are in, Brandon Knight would be our best pick.
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» Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:18 pm
Oh, and the second round I would go with a center/pf: JaJuan Johnson, Keth Benson, Nikola Mirotic, or another.

Sometimes you get lucky with big guys in the second round. Will help to fill out front court.

End up with something like:

PG Curry/Knight/Lin
SG Ellis/Reggie/Bell
SF Wright/Thorton/Jerebko
PF Lee/Udoh/Amoundson
C Oden/Beans/JaJuan Jonhson
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» Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:56 am
Perry Jones is very hard to gauge. I had been touting him all year based on some highlights I saw (laugh all you want), articles I read and early game footage I saw. But with the potential the kid has, one cannot help but be somewhat underwhelmed by him at the moment. I know Baylor was a guard oriented team that didn't know how to utilize Jones properly, but seldom do great players let that stop them from having an impact. He still shot very efficiently from the field, but his numbers were still underwhelming. The PPG isn't as much a concern as he shot efficiently and was able to put the ball on the floor and was a willing passer. But, for a guy his size he should have been a better rebounder and had a much bigger impact on the defensive side of the ball. This guy is going to at least have to play some PF in the NBA, especially if he can't extend his jumper.

This combined with the fact that he was banned for violating NCAA sanctions prior to entering college, I think you really need the right coach to get the boom potential out of him, but if the coach can't motivate him to utiliize his massive potential and impact the game outside of being a scorer, I see a high bust potential.

However, if he started to fall based on some of these concerns and we have a solid coach in place, I wouldn't mind taking him or even trading up to the 7-8 range to nab him.

I like Brandon Knight too, as he has loads of potential, he really is just another 6'3 skinny guard who looks for his own shot. If he's BPA I'd take him and try to make a trade, but don't know if he's what we need for this team.

I really like Barnes too, but think he might stay another year of college (unless UNC wins the title this year), and is probably better off doing so. He is already a very smooth player with a nice jumper, but think another year at NCAA can only build his confidence going forward, especially since he'll be more of a number 1 option next year. If he enters this year and falls into the 5-6 range I would try to make a trade for him, either before he's off the board or arrange a deal with the team that takes him.

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» Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:30 am
as for jonas valanciunas, he's turning 19, and he wouldn't be able to help straight away at center, but he's fast, has good hands, can shoot FT, hooks and 8-10 ft jumper, can drible, has long arms and has been dominating any championship tournament he ever played. so, boy got talent, maybe the most promising lithuanian big since times of A. Sabonis.
if warriors could draft him, i'd be very happy, for it would make rooting for the team much bigger fun (or, at least, some fun, since none of that left now).
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» Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:52 pm
might be a find at C in the 2nd round...

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» Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:02 pm
Derrick Williams has won me over. Dude is a tweener but he has all the right abilities you want in a tweener (tough, can score off dribble, shooting). The guy can shoot from the outside and he can rebound. Most importantly, dude is tenacious and looks like he can be a #1 option. Just what this team needs. Guy reminds me of Danny Granger but with more interior game.

And I get that he will not be around if we're picking at ~#10 but if we get lucky in the lottery he should be our #1 or #2 target. Got to trade for a defensive big if we do get lucky. Maybe Lee/Monta/Beans for anything resembling NBA talent at C or SG.
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» Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:40 pm
fine wrote:Derrick Williams has won me over. Dude is a tweener but he has all the right abilities you want in a tweener (tough, can score off dribble, shooting). The guy can shoot from the outside and he can rebound. Most importantly, dude is tenacious and looks like he can be a #1 option. Just what this team needs. Guy reminds me of Danny Granger but with more interior game.

And I get that he will not be around if we're picking at ~#10 but if we get lucky in the lottery he should be our #1 or #2 target. Got to trade for a defensive big if we do get lucky. Maybe Lee/Monta/Beans for anything resembling NBA talent at C or SG.

Haven't seen him play, but he is always putting up good numbers and he lead his team past the favorite Ohio State (correction: Duke).
If he can be a SF at the NBA level, then he has the body and size to be really good. Kind of a big SF like Melo or LBJ. Probably doesn't have their talent, but would make an excellect SF with a team that wanted to play big with a good PF and Center. He could guard those eliete SF players. I just don't know what kind of speed, quickness and range he has. But range, he probably can work on. If he is not quick enough to guard SF, then he will probably be a small PF, like Milsap, where he will be good, just not as vaulable as if he could play the SF.
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» Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:48 pm
I'm sure someones already said it but [seeing as theres no C worthy of pick] we need a new SF so we can move D-Wright to the bench and have him be our 6th man. Terrence Jones has quieted down lately, we could have a shot at him... Perry Jones would be ideal but I doubt he'll be around for our pick...

Worst case scenario: Kawhi Leonard

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» Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:56 pm
I know this is definitely based on all the NCAA tourney stuff going on, but what about guys like Harrelson from Kentucky and Zeller or Hensen from UNC? I know they are far from polished but they showed that they can be solid, all around centers in limited games this year. I know guys like Benson from Oakland are highly touted but I'm wary of getting guys from teams that have very limited big game experience. It seems like these guys sometimes don't work out under the bright NBA lights.
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» Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:47 pm
I think the idea of getting a small forward in the first round is good, as it is a deep position for this draft. Zeller and Henson are both good college centers but I don't think either will be a starting C in the NBA. They compliment each other well at UNC as Zeller is a legit offensive option whereas Henson does not have a very pretty shot but is a stud on defense. Henson can handle well and get to the rim, and if he can develop his shot could be a very good PF in the NBA. He's of a similar build to Randolph and Wright though and his potential to be better than either is arguable .I think we can get someone who can contribute more minutes if we can grab a legit SF that would allow us to bring Wright off the bench.

Derrick Williams is an absolute beast. Although he is a bit of a tweener, he is in a good way. He will be able to play both PF and SF at the next level and create mismatches at both positions. More like a Josh Smith/Lamar Odom type Probably one of the most NBA ready of this years best draft prospects. The guy plays with great tenacity too. If we somehow get a top 3 pick, we NEED to get this guy.

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» Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:24 pm
i don't care who we draft as long as the guy we get can play some defense. The Udoh pick last year was probably made for interior defensive help more than anything. Sure Monroe is better offensively right now but that is just one side of the court. I havn't seen him guard anyone. We need to keep adding defensive pieces at different positions. We cannot win consistently giving up 110ppg or whatever it is we allow every season.
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» Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:50 pm
7-8 of 10 mock drafts say we will go for a PG and trade Curry. 4 of them say we will choose Brandon Knight. 2 of them say we will choose Fredette.
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» Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:01 pm
mock drafts dont mean sh*t before lottery selections...and don't please don't, trade away ANOTHER star player

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