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» Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:01 pm
1) The Warriors trade Stephen Curry, Vladimir Radmanovic and Brandan Wright to the Indiana Pacers for Roy Hibbert and TJ Ford. For the Pacers, Collison's playing time has been sporadic, especially when the game is on the line so he may not be the answer at point guard position. The Pacers have been looking for a point since Mark Jackson left. They've been stuck with guys like Jamaal Tinsley and an oft-injured TJ Ford. Curry maybe the answer for them, but they'd have to give up Hibbert and I think they will. Hibbert is rapidly improving and, in my opinion, will be a top 5 center before the season is over. At 7'2, he has great size. His mobility and athleticism was the concern but this guy runs the floor like a PF and has solid athleticism for a guy his size. He's going to rebound, pass and block shots. TJ Ford is an $8.5M expiring contract.

2) Send Andris Biedrins and Reggie Williams (filler) to the Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith. The kicker here is that whichever team Smith is traded to, will have to fork over $6M at the time of the deal. Smith was shopped aggressively last season, but had no takers or any players worth trading him for. Getting a center like Biedrins should change that. They get a player that can move Horford back to his natural PF position and a guy in Marvin Williams that can easily take over the SF spot. Bibby, Johnson, Williams, Horford and Biedrins will still be a good team in the East.

Line up:

PG Monta Ellis - TJ Ford - Jeremy Lin
SG Dorell Wright - Charlie Bell
SF Josh Smith - Rodney Carney
PF David Lee - Ekpe Udoh
C Roy Hibbert - Lou Amundson - Dan Gadzuric

This becomes a better rebounding and defensive line up.

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