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What city will land LeBron?

Cleveland Cavaliers
New York Knicks
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New Jersey Nets
Chicago Bulls
Miami Heat
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» Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:19 am
bada wrote:that is the most childish and inappropriate letter. he should be ashamed of himself for crying like a little baby.

cowardly betryal?

REALLY??? What exactly did he owe you Mr Gilbert? He played out his contract and earned the right to seek the employer of his choice. You lost. Get over it. To blast a guy like that is such a cheap shot that certainly will make other players take pause before playing for him.

Actually, I do LOVE that letter. Under other circumstances, I'd agree with you... but due to Lebron's show of self-promotion, just to break every single Cavs fan heart by declaring on national TV that he was leaving for Miami to win rings... sorry, but he deserved that kind of answer.

Quazza wrote:maybe if they'd put a decent team around him, he would've stayed

Mo Williams?

desperation moves(yes i know Mo was an all star but ive never rated him)

"Ok so i can stay, and play with Tawn, Krusty the clown and Mother Humper #1, or leave and play with Flash, and the Predator......oh gee, hmmmmmmmm"

It's not about staying or leaving. He had all the right to move on and join another team for a better shot at a championship.

What pisses me off (and the whole state of Ohio and lots of fans worldwide) is having to go through this "charade" on national TV to eventually say you're leaving.

Imagine how you'd feel if we become a respectable team again, one that regularly is in contention in the West and Curry acts like that and says he's leaving for Lakers. He has all the right to do so, but the way Lebron did it is just tasteless, and deserved a tasteless answer like Gilbert's letter. I think it's quite fitting.
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» Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:10 am