Is Anyone Else Enjoying JRich in the Playoffs?

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» Sat May 15, 2010 12:47 pm
Well, former Warriors .. J-Rich, Barnes and Pietrus (3 very key pieces in the "We Believe Run". Suns will be very good, it is too hard to tell about the Fakers. Is Kobe injured and taking ill-advised shots .... does D-Fish brick or make his patented money shots (he seemed to brick a lot with Monty for some reason) ... will Bynum contribute with an all around game or pick up silly fouls? I think it is all about match ups, Utah was dead man walking (no AKA or Memet Okur or interior defense or Kobe Stopper or guns) vs the Okies speed, and mismatches that ripped Fisher, Artest to shreds. Like college B-Ball it may be all about guard play ... can Nash expose Fisher and get in the paint, and can J-Rich match Kobe points (or upper 20s) type of production.
We can't underestimate motivation (AG the maligned but clearly Coach of the Year, Stoudamire in his quest for max contract, Nash the best "non-athletic" athlete in the planet (probably the best white player in the NBA), J-Rich (suffering from years of Rowell and Cohan ineptness), and G-Hill playing decent B-ball. Compared to big contract LO, Gasoft, Bynum with very little financial incentive to win ... and not to mention overcoming Duncan and the curse of SAS ... the NBA at large is routing for the former G-men in Orlando and Phoenix.

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