100 fans at the nets game last night

Talk about anything general in the NBA here.

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» Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:51 pm
bada wrote:
bolswat wrote:Well you can call it negative but in reality its just comments you dont want to hear.

whether I want to hear them or not is completelly irrelevant.

the quoted posts are OPINIONS (which of course is what a board like thsi is for) that are negative in nature which is in response to your post that everything you post is "facts".

also, btw, please check your PM box

I think it is negative to hijack this thread. Dont you think you can go about voiceing your displeasure for my posts in another manner?
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» Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:06 pm
bolswat, please see Private Message box by clicking on the Mail link from the banner.

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» Sat Feb 13, 2010 1:29 pm
bada wrote:
bolswat wrote:There is nothing negative about my posts. I deal with facts, Sorry for my blatant use of reality.

LOL. A sampling of your posts say otherwise

bolswat wrote:I hate the refs and the nba is fixed

bolswat wrote:The nba has proved without a shalow of a doubt its a joke

bolswat wrote:suspend stern for rigging games

bolswat wrote:What was the purpose of giving of jackson for a injured player and a bum? Freaking stupid organization.

bolswat wrote:Jealous idiots in san Antonio just cant be happy so they have to stuff the ballot box for duncan

bolswat wrote:So bill clinton is sticking his dirty hands in the whole haiti fund drive. This guy is so fake and corrupt like he really gives a shitt about haiti

bolswat wrote:Thw warriors basicly knocked the bucks and knicks out of the playoff race in the east and at the same got screwed for a garbage player in radmonovic or whatever this idiots name is

bolswat wrote: Jordan has been one of the biggest scumbag lazy piece of crap front office guy who never puts in the hours he would rahter be playing golf

bolswat wrote:No how about this seriously randolph sucks right now. I have been watching the nba for 24 years and ran is without a doubt one the dumbest players I have ever seen

bolswat wrote: Also the crybaby whiny GS fans who complain about don stink too and are spoiled brats and have zero knowledge of the game.

LOL. Yes, these are all very FACTUAL and positive in nature. :wink:

Negative comments?? Hey What are you talking about Bada?
Anger,no anger, can't you just see, it's his "blatant use of reality". ( Seems to me I recently heard that phrase somewhere before. )
And he's been here, what 2 weeks??

I understand kid, I'm sure your parents are irrelevant, mine were too at your age. I just hope you're not living under the bleachers in the Meadowlands.

Great research, Bada! My God, this kid is Columbine material. Or maybe, given the venue, Future "Son of Sam' or Future "Taxi Driver". And into politics, yet!
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» Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:01 pm
well, no worries. this user is no longer part of the board.

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