Are you rooting for the Nets?

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What are you rooting for?

I'm rooting for the Nets to win
I'm rooting for the Nets to lose
I don't really care
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:59 pm
Rooting for what?

It's half time of the Clippers v Nets game, and the Nets are up 10. If they manage to hold the lead, it will be only their 4th victory of the season. At just past the halfway point of the season they are on pace for about 7 wins. That's it. Single digits.

I'm not a historian so I don't know where that stands in NBA history, but I know it's pathetic. And I love it. If a team is going to suck I want them too be good at it. Their team is playing true to their talent and not pretending to be something they aren't. They're being honest.

So what are you rooting for?

Do you want them to win more? Are you feeling bad for them? Sympathy wins?

Do you want to see them lose more? Do you get enjoyment out of their piling Ls?

(For the sake of the poll let's forget any Draft Lottery implications)
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:04 pm
Well, sorry Nets...........I like seeing history made! :mrgreen:

By the way, the worst record ever is 9-73, an old Philly team I think.

So they are on 3 maybe 4 wins, half way its do-able.

And I tell you, we were at the Warriors-Nets game the other day and they were WORSE than their record...........truly a terrible team made of role players who cant mesh together, cant make shots, cant play defense, dont have a coach (Kiki? give it up man) dont have an identity.........just looked clueless.

So yeah, as much as I want us to have the best chance to get Wall...........there is no way we will have as bad a record as they do by seasons end.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:22 am
Sorry, I can't let go lottery implications. I want them to win as much as possible, so we can have a better chance in the lottery.

It's true that team truly sucks, tho. Lopez is a great young center, but the rest of the team sucks. Only a couple of other guys should be role players, and the rest are d-league material.

One thing that surprises me a lot is how bad Devin Harris has looked (when he was playing). I mean, he's played pretty well against top players, so his poor season is quite shocking...

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