Game Thread: Minnesota Timberwolves @ Warriors 2009-11-09

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Will the Warriors rebound with a win against the Timberwolves?

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» Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:36 pm
Jackattack wrote:I kind of agree CJR. Nelson probably thought they felt so bad about losing so big, that he wanted them to feel good for once. But look out for the rematch, and if we're having an off night, the Twolves will be out for blood.

What up, Jack. Yeah, that might have been the case. But Nelson should have at least let the opposting players leave with a little bit of dignity.

Jackattack wrote: As a Warriors fan though, I want to know how they can play like that one night and forget all they know the next? Do they shut off the Bball IQ willingly? It would seem so because they just proved that they know how to share the ball. The caliber of the opposing team plays a huge part, but our basic game plan shouldn't change all that much from night to night. Our 'vets' need to provide that consistency. It's not that hard of a game, why are they still learning how to play it?

Yeah, they were definitely moving the ball well. But, personaly, I thought we won mainly becuase of our hot shooting %; high % on 3s, and because Minny had so many turnovers.

We shot 62% for most of the game; We scored 36 pts. on 3s alone; and they had 28 turnovers vs. our 12. But believe it or not, as lopsided as it was, we were still outrebounded 53 - 38! :shock:

The two wins we have, I think, came when we shot 52% or better, so we need a good shooting night to have a chance at a win because we nothing else to rely on: no inside game, no rebounding, no defense, no ball movement, and small ball.

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