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Which team will rank #1 in division

San Antonio
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New Orleans
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» Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:10 pm
San Antonio - This team is always near the top, but I don't think RJefferson will make them much better, maybe he will. They need to be healthy and with Ginobili around most of the time, they could be the best team in the nba.

McDyess was a very good pickup and it will be interesting if theyresign Gooden, who would give them a very strong PF/C rotation.

Rank #1

Dallas - Hard to evaluate the Mavs right now, as they might make another move or two. They have experience, but are no longer a deep team I think, relying heavily on their top five and six players.

They still need a proper Center, as Dampier rebounds and defends well, but doesn't play many minutes and is on his way out. They should be going after Amare all out, as he would fit very well there.

If they get Odom, they are maybe a real contender, but without him, they are a pretty good playoff caliber team.

Rank #2

New Orleans - Should be better than last season, but could use some additions and changes. They need a slasher type to go with Paul and the outside shooters.

Not much to say about this team and without any major changes, they really aren't contenders, but possibly a good playoff team.

Rank #3

Houston - They fall heavily due to Yao being said to be out at least half of this upcoming season. Unless TMac plays all the time and at the level he was over four years ago, this team will be playoff fringe at best, likely missing the playofs, which is probably the best thing anyway, as they could use a lottery pick.

Ariza is not one that can be a main player, like Artest, but is a role player, so he won't make much of a difference with Yao out and possibly TMac out at times as well. Unless someone like Scola becomes a star all of a sudden, this team just won't do anything.

Rank #4

Memphis - Just garbage and no real improvement from last season. They have great young players in Conley, Mayo and gay, but failed to add another high level player next to them.

ZRandolph is still a good player, producing a fair bit still, but he does not add to wins and seems to take away from others. Maybe Thabeet can be Mutombo like and ad much needed defense and maybe ZRand can improve this team, but unlikely.

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