3 team trade: GSW / UTAH / PHX

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» Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:18 pm
I'd rather play buke at 35mins per game over maggette...honest

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» Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:44 pm
first off wrote:all of yall keep throwing out monta and maggs like they are just a waste of money. They are the two most efficient scoring guards on our team. and while they both can't play D or pass very well, they're both average rebounders (for their size) and have unique talents on offense.

Monta's one of the best "pull up" artists out there. nobody on the this team even comes close in the ability monta has to drive hard, stop on a dime and hit a jumper in your face.

Maggs, while overpriced, can get people to foul him. think about it, who else on our team besides possibly monta, can consistently do that? Assuming we have enough healthy players to stay in the game in the 4th quarter, his ability to foul out key players on the other team is crucial for success. I don't know about you, but I got sick and tired of the pusssy, non-physical, play that would always show up late in the game during the Baron era.

I throw Monta out there because of:

- his attitude and antics
- he's 1-dimensional
- gets lost on defense
- my confidence in Belinelli or Azu to replace him
- SG's are easier to replace unlike good centers like Biedrins
- $11mil/yr isn't such a steal anymore
- Ellis is a good young player, but it'd be worth it to trade him only if we upgrade our team with a superstar like Amare or Bosh

Mags because it's obvious:

- bad contract so automatically I'd like to get rid of him for the right price
- a black hole who hinders team play
- we don't need him because we have Azu

Late in the game during the Baron era was way better than last years. better mental toughness and the mentality to finish off teams. they had a go-to guy like Baron, who was also clutch, to finish out games, whether scoring or setting up teammates. guys like Mags/Crawford/Ellis would crumble in the 4th, taking quick and contested shots, etc.

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