Four way trade to get Amare and more

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» Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:30 am
Chances are Phoenix will have to accept whatever deal the team offers them, like Biedrins, BWright and Belinelli for Amare, nothing more.

With that, one of Monta or Curry should be traded and with Curry, maybe either SJack or Maggette can be traded away as well.

The following trade would be good, getting a very good, up and coming PG and an aging star that can still play well and who only has one more season of a big contract, saving money next offseason if the team doesn't want to keep him, even using him in a trade before the deadline:

Warriors send Curry and Maggette to Celts for Rondo and Ray Allen, even throw in a future 1st rounder or two from the Celts, as Curry is so heralded.

The Celts get the hyped up Curry to replace Rondo and Maggette, to replace the aging RAllen.

Rondo is a very good PG that has much energy and defense and he has showed he can be an elite PG now.

Warriors lineup:
PG - Rondo/CJ?/Law
SG - Monta/RAllen/Morrow
SF - SJack/Azu
PF - AR/Davidson
C - Amare/Turiaf

That's a great lineup that is still very young and with Rondo, has a great defensive guard, finally, that can still score very well, Rondo does everything well (except outside shooting). Financially, the team would be better off and have money to spend on Rondo and Amare next offseason to resign them, as RAllen's contract ends after this season

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