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» Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:02 am
It's a train reck wrapped in a train reck, ontop of a mine field

check out I'm a celeb, get me out of here! at least the first week (there were 4 episodes this week!)



first off,
Spencer and Heidi pratt are just straight up ridiculous. If you hate religious people or douchebags, or both, you will definitely get a laugh out of these two. Best evil reality show villains ever! poor Spencer, he thinks he's really famous, when he's really just a media whore jerk-off with no talent. He'd rather be famous and have the world hate him, than be a regular guy with friends. He makes Janice Dickenson look like mother theresa. Poor Heidi too, she was that slow kid in your elementary school class who ate paste at recess. I guess spencer just told heidi "OK so if you can't think of anything to say, just praise jesus and christian's will love you". If I were a christian I so wouldn't want this girl rep'n my religion. oh yeah and Stephen Baldwin baptizes spencer in the second show... seriously

what reality show airs live four nights a week? so strange. it feels like your watching some awkward live awards show or something.

the hosts are kind of awkward, they are stuck between poking fun at the contestants, and being enthusiastic about the challanges. they are split between hosting real world/road rules challange, and a weird "E! news style" live recap session. oh yeah and they have no chemistry to speak of at all.

I actually cheered for John Salley in the spider challange. I normally couldn't care less about reality shows, but I actually rooted for him!

the blago's. Rob blagovich was actually shooting green screen promos like 3 weeks ago because he was supposed to be on the show. But the judge obviously would not let him go to costa rica to shoot this because he has to go to court.... so his wife is on instead! how wierd is that? the wife of a govenor that was in the news for a few weeks. NBC, I'm a celebrity too - The actor that played the fonz on happy days watched me play a soccer game in high school (really). I also went to basketball camp with the cousin of the fat black chick in the pine-sol ads.
Obviously Rob wanted to go on to drumb up public support for himself, now his wife has to go on, and pimp her hubby's name. Plus shes just this regular looking old soccer mom, next to all these washed up celebs with fake boobs and huge egos. she has no idea how to "act" on a reality show.

what a train wreck in terms of structure. the producers can't be very happy
- Rob Blagovich couldn't come.
- shooting it semi-live has left them with very little wiggle room to flesh things out. maybe it's supposed to be more "real" this way, but it ends up being way more dull and/or awkward. I get the sense that reality shows usually tell people to do stuff and they can't do that here
- guys are destroying the girls in all of the challenges
- a lot of the challenges are meaningless and people just choose to "sit them out".
- it took them 4 LIVE episodes to vote off a cast member off, who no one wanted to see leave in the first place.
- Spencer and Heidi have tried to leave I think 5 times now. it's fvcked up the show so much,
- I'm a celebritiy get me out of here! - it's confilcted. the show's bread and butter are the over-the-top celeb egos being forced to live together. But people have to get voted off, and the personalities that we all want to see stuck in the jungle (dickenson, the pratts, frangela) don't want to be there, so they just give up in all the challenges.

any thoughts dub fans?
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» Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:37 pm
My mate from Rugby use to work for the New Zealand Army in some Special forces gig...

He had to hang up the boots for 5 weeks or so cause they flew him over to Coasta Rica to do security patrol etc... his facebook status was he chased out a black panther from the campsite last night... hollyshit!!!

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