Top sports announcers?

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» Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:55 am
Hey folks, so i was contemplating putting this on random babble or just making a new thread (so guess which one i did?) I think WE had something like this already, but i cant find it.

Anyways... who are some of your favorite sports announcers. And please back it up (youtube, discriptions). Here are a couple of my favorites

1. Gus Johnson, CBS - dude yells for everything. He does college bball and football, and he gets so excited, he is fun to listen to. He gets louder and more unprofessional as the game goes on. He's great. Take a look at this quick clip.

2. Ian Eagle and whoever he teams up with- Ian Eagle on himself is nothing special, but he feeds off his partners (and their stupid/funny comments). He works with the clumsy Solomon Wilcots in CBS, and use to work with Mark Jackson. Anyway, dude is good at his job and pretty hilarious. Check this out. The whole thing is funny.




3. Randy Moller- Ok... i don't watch panther's hockey, but my friend does. And he told me about this guy. He is funny.



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» Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:17 am
im pretty attached to kruk and kuip announcing for the giants. even if the game is going slow or if its a blowout, they still crack me up with stupid things they say and who they eliminate.

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