Warriors Trying for Bosh, Too

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:53 pm
Quazza wrote:if he doesn't care at Phoenix, he's not gonna give a flying fark here in Warrior land lol

There is a chance of that, this team stinks right now, but Amare wants to be the star, as selfish as that sounds and that is something I don't like to hear, and he'll have that here.

We both know he won't get traded here, just a nice thought trying to get him

migya make the ring fall on ya
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:41 am
Quazza wrote:
bigstrads wrote:
migya wrote:
Quazza wrote:agreed. He was at his best back then re: before having micro fracture surgery. I think Bosh is a far more talented player. Imagine Bosh with Nash?

Do you remember what Amare did last season, he was a monster. Both are real good, I just like Amare more

I agree..........Amare is more the kind of player we need.

Bosh is largely a jump shooter now, and for someone with his length and athletisism, he averages less than 1 block per game (which is pathetic actually) and can barely make 9 boards per game.........come on, somethings not right.

To me he is just a little soft, and doesnt have the mean streak and killer mentality that Amare has.

But hey ho, Bosh is the younger/new guy so he gets all the fan boys licking his a-hole. :wink:

Nothing to do with being a "fan boy" I just think he's a better rounded player. Funny you bring up boards when this year he's averaging more than Amare

Dude, I wasnt calling you guys "fan boys"..............sorry, should have been clear, I mean the whole kind of general mentality of going with whats new and hot. :wink:

Ohh and the boards thing..............come on, Amare has one O'Neal eating up the middle and Bosh has the other O'Neal but one of them has missed over half the season, leaving Bosh as the only real big man on the team..............and he still cant get more than 9 boards.

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