The Active Warriors’ trade market, as it now stands

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» Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:14 am
It’s now clear that the Warriors are extremely motivated to make a move by the Feb. 19 deadline and want it known around the league (and to their season-ticket holders) that they are primed to do something and they’d like it to be large.

Good for them, by the way. I like teams that think big, if that is indeed what the Warriors hope to do. I doubt they can actually do it, but you have to try to do something big if you’re ever going to accomplish anything close.

The previous item touched on the GSW’s pursuit of the Suns’ Amare Stoudemire, as MT-2 also is reporting, and there’s more emanating from Don Nelson/Robert Rowell Central, even though Nelson before the game said he liked his team.

All of it is pretty large, though the chances of any happening range from unlikely to stratospherically NO WAY, but it is interesting that the Warriors have put themselves in play so dramatically, and now we’ll see how it goes:

* Doesn’t seem like they’re the No. 1 option for Stoudemire, who would be tough for the Warriors to get unless Phoenix really wants Andris Biedrins or Monta Ellis and is OK with a deal that does NOT include salary-cap relief.

I’ve got to believe Phoenix can do better financially than a probable package of Biedrins (if they want a big) plus one of the Warriors’ young players, but we’ll see what’s out there when the Suns decide to move.

I think first and foremost the Suns want salary-cap relief and the Warriors do not have any to provide. Biedrins is making $9M per for five more seasons after this one. Ellis, of course, is $11M per, also for five more seasons.

There are zero significant expiring contracts on the Warriors’ roster. That’s the glory of the roster they’ve built here.

* The Warriors apparently are poking around at Toronto’s Chris Bosh, who probably is almost impossible for the Warriors to get right now because it’s hard to see the Raptors giving up so soon on the hopes of keeping Bosh long-term.

I can see Toronto liking either Biedrins or Ellis (again, if they’re OK with taking back all that money) and maybe Anthony Randolph, especially.

But I’m hearing that the Raps are looking to put talented players around Bosh, in order to keep him happy, not perusing the trade-Bosh option. Just yet.

Maybe next off-season, this has new and better life.

* How about the return of Baron Davis, Warriors fans?

Listen, I don’t think the Warriors would actually do this, but something tells me that the Clippers are getting more and more interested in sending Baron away from Mike Dunleavy Sr. (who isn’t getting fired), and that the Clips might try to entice the Warriors into taking BD back.

If you’re the Warriors, what would you say if the Clippers offered Baron for Corey Maggette and Marcus Williams?

Remember, BD has 4+ years and $50M+ left to go on his deal.

Maggette has four years and $40M+.

The Warriors probably would not do that deal. I’m pretty sure.

Rowell vetoed a four-year BD deal last off-season, fearing health and attitude issues, so it’s very unlikely he’d sign off on a BD return after Davis signed a five-year, $65M deal with the Clippers and has been hurt and awful so far this season.

Interesting, though. I’m sure there will be more things to analyze and discuss in the coming days… ... ow-stands/
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» Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:44 pm
Getting Bosh is discussed in your other thread.

As for getting Baron - Not going to happen, management stuffed it with him and are way too stubborn to think about bringing the team back to the successes of the last two seasons. I'd do it, obviously and for Maggette and MWilliams, that's a steal! I'd throw in a future 2nd rounder, doesn't mean much, but it is another player. I also don't think Baron has been "horrible" this season, just not as good as when he was here. I still think he is more valuable to his team than Maggette is here, quite a bit more actually

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