Trades involving Marco Belinelli

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» Thu Jan 01, 2009 6:18 pm
Wake up guys!!! Nobody will take Maggette with that bad contract!!! You cannot send him elsewhere, and also hope to get somebody good in exchange!!! This is NBA: if you send elsewhere a bad contract, you HAVE to get back another bad contract!!! Of all these trades, the only possible is the Toronto one, even if unlikely: you send them one good player and a bad contract and you get a good-but-not-more player (Kapono) with a bad contract (not as bad as Maggette, of course...), and a youngster that's not playing well right now (even if his last game was really good).

Giving that contract to Maggette, Warriors made a too-big mistake: I've just watched all the NBA contracts, and Maggette's contract is the worse of all the league. Not for the amount of money: he takes a lot of money, but there are far more expensive contracts. The problem is that this contract will expire only in 2013!!! Who takes him, has to "enjoy" his playing services for 4 and half long years!!! :banghead: :banghead:

I would be surprised if anybody will take him. But if that happens, Warriors for sure will not have much in exchange: the best you can get is some other bad contract, or some expiring contract (LaFrents-like). Belinelli would not rise the value of the trade that much. Warriors will be lucky if somebody will decide to take Maggette, but a player like Joe Johnson (or even Deng and Diaw) in exchange would be too much luck, I guess...

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