Though its from a year ago. Classic Nellie

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» Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:46 pm
This is coming from my Phone so excuse me for any Errors can't really edit well.

This is a question and answer from tim k. from the san jose mecury news about a year ago. Just interesting how Nellie bashes and calls out players. How he players the underdog role. Classic Nellie.

— DON NELSON, shoot-around Jan. 27, 2008.
-Question: Why do you need to do something so dramatic as signing Chris Webber–do you just have to make a move to get a useable big man?
-NELSON: Have you looked at my roster?
-Q: You have a few big guys…
-NELSON: Oh yeah, who are they?
-Q: There’s the guy who was a top draft pick (Brandan Wright) this year…
-NELSON: He’s a rookie. He’s not ready. You know that. Take a look at my roster and you decide. I don’t want to talk too much about that situation until or if it happens. We’ll talk about it after that.
I think you need to look deeply at that roster. Look at our schedule, when we start playing the West. Are we going to be strong enough? You don’t think that’s a concern to everybody?
-Q: Do you need the big guy to be a back-up center or a power forward?
-NELSON: It would be a talented big person, a guy that has some skill that we don’t have.
-Q: Is there more a need for defensive or for offensive help?
-NELSON: I see a big person, a need, and I see passing skills as a big need. I’ve got one passer, really, on the team. And he can’t get all the assists.
And the size factor… the fact that Al (Harrington) is not a good rebounder. I mean, that’s an area we’ve been looking at all year and those guys are hard to find.
You know, we’re getting out-rebounded 15 rebounds a game.
I don’t know how we’re winning games getting out-rebounded 15, 20 rebounds. We’re still winning our share. But I think we need to look at a player or anybody who can play in an NBA game that has some size and can make me one player deeper.
With Cro’ in and out, with Pietrus (not playing well), I’m basically a seven-man team. Of those seven men, or eight men, two of them are D-league players. I mean, it’s really simple.
That’s why we’re looking and we’re trying to be aggressive.
-Q: Are you saying you’re willing to sacrifice defense to get a big guy who can help you on offense?
-NELSON: We’re the worst defensive team in the league, anyway.
-Q: That’s not true, you’ve said so yourself.
-NELSON: I understand. (But) I don’t see where that’s going to be a factor. That’s not going to make us any worse, for sure, the guy you guys are talking about.
-Q:  With the light schedule in February, is that the right time to bring in a new player?
-NELSON: Yeah, perfect time, absolutely. You know, for our push the last two months of the season.
We have played Minnesota four times and we haven’t played all of the iron enough. You look at our schedule, I think you’ll see we’re going to have to probably do something to improve our roster to stay competitive. And even then, there’s still 10 teams and only eight are going to make it.
-Q: Do you think you’ve over-achieved to get to your good record, eight over .500 so far?
-NELSON: I’d say we have most the year. We’ve played extremely well most of the time and for me to get eight games above .500, I’ve been playing Baron and Jack 40 minutes a game. I keep saying I’d like not to do that, but I can’t not do that and win at this point. And I know that.
If Pietrus was having a strong year, maybe I could get some minutes there. But he’s not having a strong year. Cro, by the time we decided to move him into the rotation, his back went out.
So anyway, here we sit, with a roster full of young guys. And I don’t know that it’s going to be enough for us to be a playoff team. I think we need to look to improve our roster.
-Q: Do you think Jack and Baron have gotten tired?
-NELSON: I think Jack’s played tired the last five games.
-Q: Are you saying if you don’t mkae a move you probably won’t make the playoffs?
-NELSON: I wouldn’t say that. I’d say it would be difficult. I don’t know. I know there’s some awful good teams out there that we’re going to have to beat out.
And we haven’t had our injury yet. And for sure, if I get an injury to any of my major players, I don’t think we have enough.
-Q: Is there more urgency to make a move because there are so many teams–could 46 wins still fail to get into the playoffs?
-NELSON: If 46 games would not make the playoffs, it would be a first in the history of the league, wouldn’t it? Now that could happen. I don’t know if it’s going to happen.
I think it’s going to take more than 42 or whatever we did last year. So we have to be even better. We’ve played 44 games now. We’ve done extremely well most of the games.
And we’re now starting to get tired. Our players are playing a lot of minutes. And I can only go easy in practice… so often.
We’re just not deep enough. We need to get deeper, no question about it.
-Q: Any chance Brandan Wright can help you this year in that role or are those chances shot?
-NELSON: I would say that if I had a talented big man who could make passes, I think it would help everybody on the team on the offensive end…
I haven’t seen that he’s a major factor able to play yet. But he’s working hard and he does some things nobody else does on the team.
I can only run so many plays where Baron is the passer. I need him to be aggressive offensively as well. You look at our numbers and our assists, turnover-ratio and the guys that are capable of making a play for another guy, and that’s not that many.
I mean, Jack makes plays off some of the stuff, but he’s about a 1-to-1 (assist-to-turnover) or whatever those numbers are, 1.4-to-1. your great passers go 3 to 1, 4 to 1.
I think we’re looking for and need some help and wherever we can find it would be good.
—That’s it. Every time I re-read it I think it’s more interesting than the time before.
Reads like a briefing paper, plus a mini-cross-examination. That’s the kind of stuff I like.

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