Astounding night

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» Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:51 pm
For the younger people in this crowd, do be aware that this sort of history is damn rare and lifetimes can go by without something similar happening.

The chance of a young black man with a Muslim name coming from nowhere, beating the formidable Clinton and then a pretty popular hero Senator only eight years after 911! If you made a movie like this the critics would trash it.

Just astounding.
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» Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:42 pm
Word up to that.

I'm proud to be apart of, and witness one of the most historic moments of our current century. God Bless America.
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» Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:54 am
Its crazy 2 think how when we first came here, we were merely property...

Congrats to Barack Obama and Joe the Biden

Neone watching the news? Ambassadors and Presidents from around the world are sending in their support for PRESIDENT ELECT Obama. Awesome.
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» Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:20 am
Yeah, it's just an amazing feeling. Wait 'til reality comes back, though once I wake up in 8-9 hours. The international opinion was totally for electing Obama as our next president.
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» Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:48 am
Damn I wish I would have been back in the US so I could have voted. I just hope Obama doesn't disappoint too much. But I was pretty happy watching McCain get pummeled all over the place last night.
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» Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:39 am
Classy speech by both parties as well after the election was called.

That sig pic is too funny metalface.
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» Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:43 am
Huge night and a great day for EVERYONE in America! The ceiling has been broken.

Prop 8 makes it bittersweet though. Guess it's going to take some more change...

I like what the president of the NAACP said when a dimwit pundit asked him:

pundit: "If Barrack Obama wins, doesn't that eliminate the need for your job?"

Pres. of NAACP: "It's called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, not the National Association for the Advancement of ONE Colored Person."

So clever and very true. While this is a milestone in many ways, THE Work, in a lot of areas (not just race), has just begun....
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» Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:11 pm
Last night was a HUGE night in many people lives. It was a night to be proud of our country, one of the first nights probably in many peoples lives that they have gotten the chance to feel why we are proud to be Americans. I can honestly say that I have always had pride in my country, but it was always for things that had happened long before I was here. Last night showed that we could stand United behind a great man and put race and fear aside.

I have never felt the way I do right now about the selection of a president. I have voted in a few elections and this is really the first time I have felt like I wasnt voting for the lesser of 2 evils. I think McCain would have been a better choice than Bush for the past 8 years, but this year he just ran up against it. He ran into a political machine that has given Americans something to believe in.

With the sweetness of the Obama victory last night though, came the bitterness of the passing of Prop. 8! Hopefully this presidential election is a sign of change and evolution in the way people think and feel and hopefully one day we will reckognize the rights of all people regardless of their race, creed or sexual orientation.

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