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» Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:37 am
JREED wrote:@cavsfan, man you've definitely been one of the best, objective, knowledgeable, and most respectful opposing team guest we've had on here. :D Thanks for contributing to some great discussion, and I hope we see you around long after this series (perhaps we'll meet again same time next Finals).

LeBron will bring a championship to Cleveland. Hell, I'm positive he would have already had he not left for Miami. He's got plenty left in the tank to be dominant for years and a great supporting cast. Mozgov is the best big he's had (top tier in general) and him with Kyrie make for probably the two best complements of star calibre players he's played with. Despite how I feel about Love's fit with LBJ, you guys definitely know what you have in TT now and will be able to leverage both of their strengths, making for an amazing 1-2 at the 4.

Let's face it, some teams in the East will likely improve (especially if the Wizards can land a big FA like Durrant returning home), but we say that every year and James is always there in the end, leaving teams in his wake. You guys are already Vegas' favorite to win it all, and for good reason - I do feel the Dubs' stock was unjustly lowered due to us not sweeping a Cavs team submitting some gutsy performances, both teams have been disrespected by the media.

Speaking of the media, they need to STFU about Blatt looking for work, that's just nonsense hyperbole.

Anyways, I'm not usually a big fan of these types of "atta boy, you'll get em next year" consolation posts, but I mean it, and you've been a classy fan.

Haha much appreciated JReed. This is easily one of my favorite boards. I'm on CavFanatic and the number of posters skyrocketed this summer as you could probably guess. But it brought a bunch of bandwagoners and posters who may not know the most about bball. It's cool because there's a lot of traffic but its not always good traffic.

You guys are awesome and quite clearly know your stuff and are incredibly welcoming (not every board accepts other fans and if they do, they make it known they don't like you). I may not have always seen eye to eye with you and Stairway Man and 32 but what opposing fans do?

And as far as our team, I'm pretty confident in our core. There's rumors of Wade joining Bron. Should be another exciting off season for us. And yeah I think Blatt really showed some amazing stuff for a rookie coach that needs to deal with some huge egos and a couple bad eggs. I think it'd be a mistake letting him go but even our fanbase seems to be split 50/50 on that issue so we'll see where that goes.

And as far as your team...I'm eating crow on my earlier comments on Kerr and Green haha. Still don't like Green but the dude showed up in the last 3 games. And what can I say about Kerr...made great adjustments and is really a class act. You guys got a great coach there.

Good luck in that brutal West out there but something tells me you'll be right back in the Finals...hah but enjoy this for a little before looking ahead to next year.
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» Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:11 am
HOLY *** it has actually happened. I'm late to this thread but wow, what a ride! So glad for all the fans and the entire organization. Many fans have shared in some sorry sorry sorry years as Warriors fans, even back from being a kid.... *cough* Webber trade *cough* Bimbo Coles is your starting PG *cough* Corey Maggette *cough* Brandan Wright for JRich *cough* Andris Biedrins vodka party boy *cough* "Monta ("Moped") Elli have it all" *cough* Anthony Randolph is a future Kevin Garnett LOL (I drank that koolaid too) *cough* Lacob being booed for trading for ANDREW BOGUT.

All those laughable moves just makes me appreciate this more. Still hasn't hit me that they won it all. Tons of credit to JOE LACOB for buying this team and breaking the Cohan Curse, for having the balls to trade for Bogut despite the "we want Montaaaa!"-homers booing him. Tons of credit to everyone in the organization that had a hand in this. Couldn't have happened to a better team and fanbase!

Joe Lacob, Jerry West, Bob Meyers, Steve Kerr, etc etc

Curry, Klay, Iggy, Bogut, Dray, D Lee, Livingston, H Barnes, Barbosa, Ezeli, Speights, Holiday, McAdoo, Kuzmic

One of the best teams I've ever witnessed. Played together, unselfish, competitive, mentally tough, high basketball iq, creative, etc etc ...a pleasure to watch.

let's repeat! oh, and F the Clippers.

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» Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:28 pm
Congrats to these warriors, congrats to the front office for putting together a formidable team. After years of suffering, these last couple of years have been great, and this obviously tops it off. The best of the best. I stopped posting because I was doing fulltime school and work, but graduated college. Warriors were doing so well I didn't want to jinx by posting lol, so I promised myself not to and see how it would go. This was a true concept of TEAM with so much depth, and variety, so Happy right now. Congrats to all the fans we know it has been a long run.
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» Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:21 pm
We're champs baby!!!!!! Like LB said, ''We gonna be championship!!!!!!!!!''

Words of a man of wisdom!!!!!! YES! YES! YES!

Just got back from the parade!!!! Draymond Green went HAM!!!!!

Are the Cavs here? Nope! Do they suck? Yup. Hahahahahhahahaaha YOU TELL THEM DRAYMOND!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!
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» Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:24 pm
Was it Everything you ever wanted it to be? Or was it spoiled? We won, but...... They kept on talking about Asterisks. Imagine 2 years ago, I would tell you the Warriors would be Champions and hold Lebron to 39 percent, but Lebron would still steal the headlines because he won two games...

I mean that just sucks. You win the championship and they say you have to prove yourself by winning another.
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» Wed Jul 29, 2015 7:56 am
You know I waited my whole life for the Warriors to be champs. And my friend would always make fun of the Warriors and he'd always be right when he'd tell me they'd miss the playoffs. Even when they finally made it 2 years ago and I bet him that they'd win 44 or more games, he still kept on saying that I barely won and he was still almost right. Now that they are champs, his trump card is the fact they lost 2 games against Cleveland and Memphis. He said that he knew they were going to lose a couple of games. This year has taught me a lot. You can never win everyone's respect. Your team wins for the first time in 40 years but because they didn't win EVERY game, people will point to that. My friend takes a lot of pride in his predictions. Too bad he couldn't predict Steve Kerr would win the Finals in his first year as a coach. The best he could do was predict they'd lose a couple games. And now he's trying to convince me that the Warriors won't win 67 games next year and wants to bet me. Even if they win 65 games, he'd still brag about being right and telling me he knew so. I mean, it's crazy. You go from bottom feeder to World Champs in just a couple short years, yet still get criticized for whatever reason is available. I mean the Warriors were literally so much better than everyone from start to finish, they made it look so easy at times and people used that as a crutch to say they didn't face adversity.

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