Klay Thompson looking for a max extension

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:21 pm

Thompson's agent, Bill Duffy, has been seeking a max deal in extension talks with the Warriors as well. And while Golden State would surely prefer that the stance eventually softens and leads to a more palatable deal, the fact that he is younger means a max for Thompson would start at $15.7 million and still allow for more flexibility in the Warriors' future than a Love deal.

via Warriors won't overlook defense in Kevin Love talks.

A max extension for Thompson, on top of re-signing Love at max should they trade David Lee for him, could push their salaries into the $80 million-plus range, even after sending Lee's $15 million salary out in the deal. That could complicate matters dramatically, depending on the position of Warriors ownership toward the luxury tax.

Thompson is an elite shooter and projects as an above-average defender in time. If Gordon Hayward is worth the max, it's pretty easy to make the argument Thompson is. But Hayward is more versatile and can create more off the dribble. Thompson never really took that step last season and there's concern over making a major investment in a player that can't produce on his own with the ball.

But either way, if the Warriors get Love and keep Thompson, they're looking at a major tax bill unless they move someone like Andre Iguodala or Andrew Bogut.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:55 pm

Lacob is on record with multiple news outlets claiming they'll resign Klay Thompson, no matter what kind of offer sheet he gets. Unless Joe wants to be known as a lying douche, he'll follow through. And, obviously, an 18 PPG, 40%-3-point-shooting, defensively elite, 6'7" SG who can lock-down an opposing team's 1 is going to command a maximum salary. It only takes one team and there will be PLENTY of potential suitors lining up for the chance to see if Golden State is stupid enough to let this guy walk.

The big show will be seeing how they allocate the necessary money to make that happen.

I expect management to SCRAMBLE in an attempt to shed David Lee's contract. And I expect a serious downgrade. I'm guessing we'll end up with a future 2nd round pick (or 1st rounder that'll no doubt be beyond #15) and a trade exception that expires.

The PR frontline of Fitzgerald, Papa, Tolbert, and Krueger will heavily try to sell us on Draymond Green as a starting 4... not that I don't think he COULD be a starter, mind you, but it's a straw man argument. The issue isn't whether Draymond Green could start or not, the issue is why are we downgrading from 2 guys who could start to just 1? I'm never in favor of trading an above-average asset for trash just so you can thin out your bench by plucking a valued fire starter on the B-Team and inserting him into the starting 5. But it's gonna happen. DLee's the odd man out... and I wouldn't be surprised to see them listen to offers for Bogut, too, if the price is right.

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