Warriors Relieve Head Coach Mark Jackson of His Duties

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» Fri May 09, 2014 9:34 pm
To be honest, I'm opportunistic about the future and think SVG will be hired. Though he is known as being a hard man with his players, I think like Popovich in San Antonio, that he will lead the team to being better and has proved that when he was in Miami and Orlando.

Apparently the FO will take their time before choosing though.
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» Sat May 10, 2014 12:17 am
JREED wrote:
Yup, I said "...he hit his ceiling as a HC (at least for the near future)." He's too arrogant to improve anytime soon. We need to win now, we can't wait for Jackson to find some humility. It took the dude way too long to figure out what everyone else already knows - Green > Lee. That's among other things.

They’re supposed to be professionals, if they aren’t and they want to cry about losing their HC, they can be wearing a different uniform next season for all I care.

This FO has been nearly perfect since they've taken over. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until they show even an ounce of incompetence. I don't believe the owners and the FO wanted Jackson in the first place, he was better than Nelly, but I believe he was always a steppingstone. Again, HC is overrated unless we're talking about Phil or Papa. The FO and the players deserve way more credit than Jackson for recent success.

This is not the same organization, I think that's pretty obvious. The previous regimes would have fallen in love with the stat-quo and into total complacency. It's exciting that this group isn't settling for anything less than a championship. Lacob gets far too much hate - the dude is only the best thing to happen to this franchise in decades.

I view consistency as the HC's responsibility, and we simply disagree on whether or not he was to blame for this. I realize we had a lot of injuries, but what about the games where we dropped 15 - 20+ point leads? How about the games that we'd beat a top 5 team only to be embarrassed by a horrible team days later? I'm not going to look up the examples, instead I'll assume you watched about as many games as I did (around 65 or so, including 3 in person), so I'm sure you can recall all the squandered leads we had. How many times did he allow us to lose a 10 pt lead without calling a damn TO? How many times did we live and die by Curry's superstar play, without a hint of adjusting the gameplan? We don't even need to "go there" with coaching staff turmoil he was in the midst of, because I don't put that all on him.

I could be wrong, but if nothing else I view all of this as a good indicator and positive sign that we are determined to win it all. I won't even acknowledge any comparisons of this team to Warriors teams of the past.

Agreed that HC position is overrated and it's a player's league.
You seem to be saying that he got fired for on-the-court performance. With everything from the media, that doesn't seem to be the case. And that's where I have a problem with this firing. If you want to fire a guy over his religious outspokenness, over him not agreeing with gay lifestyle, over personal problems you have with him -- that's not an owner trying to win at all costs. That's an owner who's let his personal ego get in the way of a coach who got the W's to play some of the best basketball - particularly defensively - in decades. I was a fan of Lacob before this, but to me, this seems to be a case where he's gone too far in meddling with the basketball operations of the team.

It's yes and no questions that FO should answer:

- Did Mark Jackson achieve realistic expectations for the team?
- Would another coach (that is on their list of prospects) be able to do more with the same roster and injuries?
- Was the team going in the right direction with Mark Jackson as the coach?

3 words: Lack of Appreciation.

I don't think the FO realizes how fragile and fleeting team chemistry can be, as well as success for this franchise. I don't think that's the same as being complacent. I don't think they appreciated the positive dynamics of the team that Mark Jackson contributed to.

You have to remember, this team didn't magically become better after Lacob took over. Why did they fire Keith Smart if HC doesn't matter. Mark Jackson got this team to buy into DEFENSE and TOUGHNESS for the first time in DECADES. It's real easy for us to marginalize that SPECIFIC impact Mark Jackson SOLELY made by being head coach.

Was he flawless? Hell no. Did he deserved to be fired based on his on-the-court performance? Hell no.

Idk, the lack of loyalty just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when the guy was AS MUCH apart of the culture change as anyone in the organization, and now they kick him out cuz of "personal issues". The most telling part of this story will be who the W's decide to hire as a replacement. If it's some noob like Kerr or Ollie, it will prove that Lacob's "win at all costs" mantra has lost some credibility.
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» Sat May 10, 2014 2:18 am
Though a team's success relies more on the roster than HC, HC definitely has made the difference between contenders and noncontenders. Popovich is unlike any coach I've ever seen. Phil Jackson arrived on talented teams and made it all blend well to get championships. George Karl in a lesser way but took over pretty talented teams and made them that much better.

Maybe SVG is a little too hard for the likes of Curry and Klay right now, but he is a proven winner and if a player wants to win he follows him, so it'll be more of a test for the young guys on our team than anything else.
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» Mon May 12, 2014 10:36 pm
rockyBeli wrote: Mark Jackson got this team to buy into DEFENSE and TOUGHNESS for the first time in DECADES. It's real easy for us to marginalize that SPECIFIC impact Mark Jackson SOLELY made by being head coach.

He didn't solely get this team to play D and with toughness. Michael Malone was a great defensive coach that was brought in at the same time. Bogut was an elite defender before we got him, same with Iggy, and Klay and Green are but it's impossible to say how much of a role he and Malone had with that. Neither could make Lee or Curry anything more than decent/serviceable on D.

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