Serious Question: Is Harrison Barnes on Drugs?

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» Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:27 pm
It's the only reason I could think of to explain his complete debacle of a season; man this guy's head is in the clouds. He is missing layups on a regular basis and has been so aloof and has lost any semblance of intensity on the court.

Whatever is going on, I hope this kid pulls through it, for he has amazing talent and appears to be wasting it.
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» Sat Apr 12, 2014 5:13 am
He wants to be the 3rd Splash Brother but he's not a pure shooter. Dude needs to get mean :x and take it to the hole. His role should be a slashing SF a la Rudy Gay, LeBron, younger Vince Carter, etc. He's shown he can finish strong around the hoop (when he wants to). He needs to stop thinking he's a jump shooter, instead of spotting up he should be cutting to the hoop every chance he gets. With that athleticism, the defense is probably loving it when he chooses to brick another 3 point shot.
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» Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:43 am
Pretty spot on, though I think Barnes showed enough in college and even last season that he can shot the outside shot. Without cutting to the basket and looking to finish strong, Barnes is like a greyhound deciding to be guide dog instead of a sprinter. Last season he was decent, this season he has gone backwards and to me it's all mental. Something has made him doubt himself extremely, maybe the signing of Iguodala. He has to get his head straight this offseason and come out like what he should be next season or the team will trade him for next to nothing, which is what he will be worth after another season like this one. I remember coming out of college all the good things said about him and you could see it in his game.

I am hopeful because Barnes can still be at least a starter for many years and potentially an allstar type.
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» Sat Apr 12, 2014 11:33 am
He's kind of a tweener. Harrison seems to be more comfortable closer to the basket, but in the NBA, at his size he has to play a wing spot for the most part. I think he does better offensively when he can receive the ball closer to the hoop, rather than catching it out on the perimeter and feeling obligated to either shoot it, put it on the floor and drive, or just get rid of it.

There aren't that many guys his size that are Lebron types who can just put it the floor from out there and drive to a spot where they can get an easy shot or drop it off to a big man. Harrison seems to have great lower body strength and explosion, but I don't know if his hand-eye coordination is on the level you need to have that wicked handle and break people down out there. Some people are gifted with it but at his size it is pretty rare.

His apparent stunted growth has a lot to do with the offense they run and what they ask him to do. If they let him play in a position similar to how he played in college, he'd be more productive. And he would pull more rebounds. But the idea these days is to stretch the defense, so they want him out there by the 3-point line.
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» Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:38 pm
Have we in a way already written off Harrison Barnes.
I'm not saying he's good, I'm saying the potential / upside / high ceiling is still there imo. And it's not just empty mystical, pipe-dreamy elusive potential. He's shown flashes of what he can be (playoffs vs nuggets, etc) and that's kinda what you look for in a young player. I'd say him reaching his potential is 50-50. He needs to get his confidence back and have a different mentality this season. What is so intriguing, and why I don't think it's empty potential, is his skill set. He's a bruising, athletic, high-flyer with 1on1 moves and the ability to finish strong with a highlight dunk, post up, and shoot outside. Once (or if) he ever "gets it" that he's the only one standing in his own way, watch out. I think the skill set is there, the 1on1 moves are there, he just needs to slow down and play basketball. I'm thinking he has the potential to be a rich-man's, more efficient Rudy Gay. Now would I trade him + Lee in an instant to get a Kevin Love? Hell yeah!

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