Prediction Thread (2013 Season)

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» Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:07 pm
A potential huge miss is leaving the Nuggets out of the playoffs. But you know, They lost their two best perimeter defenders and look like a bottom 25 defensive team. I am really high on the Twolves and I am 50/50 on the Blazers.

Hawks are a team I am also super high on and no one really thinks them as much of anything. I also have the Knicks on my potential imploding team. Especially with the Bargs trade.

I am still not high Gay, but I like the rest of their team.

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» Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:28 pm

1. San Antonio
2. GSW
3. Clippers
4. Memphis
5. OKC
6. Houston
7. NO
8. Lakers

1. Chicago
2. Miami
3. Indiana
4. New York
5. Brooklyn
6. Atlanta
7. Detroit
8. Cleveland

Think Millsap is better than JSmith and Hawks won't fall.

Detroit hasn't really improved much and Jennings is not the distributing PG they need, though his outside shooting ability is valuable. They should've looked to trade their expiring contracts, along with BKnight and to Boston for Rondo and the likes of GWallace, would have made them close to a contender in the East.

Cleveland should improve enough to at least make the playoffs.

Don't think Brooklyn will be as good as most think and expect there to be a couple of injuries that set them back as well.

Chicago are monsters again and loaded.

With Westbrook out for a while longer, OKC will start rather slow and finish hard, but not enough to be among the top teams in the West until playoffs at least.

GSW looks great and we should contend this season for sure.

Clippers also look the goods and should contend.

Pelicans look set to improve and make the playoffs.

Don't think Houston is as good as most think. Interesting to see how it all fits for them.

Lakers always make it and hard to see them not do so even with Kobe out or not 100% yet.

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» Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:10 pm
Weird, I must have accidentally deleted my seedings.

1. San Antonio
2. Rockets
3. Clippers
4. Thunder
5. Grizzlies
6. Warriors
7. Timberwolves
8. Nuggets

1. Heat
2. Pacers
3. Bulls
4. Nets
5. Hawks
6. Knicks
7. Bucks
8. Wizards
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» Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:35 am
Just had a look and didn't give predictions for awards. Bit late now as the season is nearly over, but interesting that MVP finally looks to be taken by someone else besides Lebron.

Think Durant will get MVP and really could be the start of his own dominance for a few years, like Lebron has had his. Don't see any player up to Durant's level, except Lebron ofcourse, but he'll likely start to decline in five years, though that's quite some time off.

Curry should be in the top 5 and that's the first time a player from the team has been rated that high for as long as I can remember.

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