Which team would you rather face in 1st round

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» Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:06 pm
Maybe a bit premature, but the team is playing well and thought this question is relevant.

Personally, I'd rather get homecourt obviously, but otherwise I'd rather go against Portland or Houston, in that order of preference.

Portland doesn't seem to have much of a bench or the firepower we have. There's no superstar on Portland either.

Houston relies alot on Harden and Dwight, though both are superstars right now. Think Curry and Lee could do real well against them, as well as the likes of Iguodala and maybe Barnes. Bogut does alright against Dwight and Klay forces Harden to play defense. Think we have more firepower from more places than they do.

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» Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:21 am
I want Portland, but the Clippers seem the most likely.
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» Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:47 am
I think I want the Spurs.

is that possible? Perhaps but unlikely.

We had their number last year but lost some games we should of won.

I'd like to get the tough team out of the way first!!! They are very old. I reckon we could get them in 5 games.
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» Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:44 am
Out of the teams we could likely play in this order:
1. POR - No bench, no playoff experience, their two nest players in Aldridge and Lillard are neutralized by Lee amd Curry (combined). The other shoes has dropped for them as they benefitted from a easy, first-half schedule.

2. HOU - Again, we matchup well, and they dont have an answer for Curry.

3. DAL - Meh... actually it's a coin toss here, as in they could easily be my no. 1.

4. LAC - It'd be a good series, but I think we take it because we play better D.
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» Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:18 pm
I know that the Clippers have improved their bench with Davis and Granger but we always play well against them and I like the rivalry that is building between us and them. So I'd be happy with Clippers or Blazers 1st round. I think we can beat anyone in the finals... Yes, even the Thunder.
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» Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:03 am
Blazers or Clips but I don't think this team should fear any team, teams are starting to fear them. What a luxury to even be able to say that. Past Warrior teams there was always something to hold them back. Small ball, bad defense, etc. But when you got the Big Aussie beastin in the paint, able to play guys like Marc Gasol or Dwight Howard straight up 1 on 1, as well as David Lee cleaning up the glass getting rebs and PIP, it's just way easier to be comfortable about their chances in the playoffs. Add to that the much improved bench and likely playoff bigs rotation of Bogut Lee J Oneal Ezeli ... damn. They have as good as shot as anybody. I think it will simply come down to team discipline, mental toughness, and execution. Things that last year vs the Spurs was lacking with the late game melt downs and too much Curry and Jack hero ball. When the pressure's on in the playoffs, will they stay the course or start relying on Curry hero ball?
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» Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:24 am
Looking at the next few games, next is an easy one at home against Atlanta which should be a blow out. Then we have two straight at home against two teams just below us, first Phoenix and then Dallas. We must win both to create space while also catch the teams in front of us. Then two of the next three games are away games, first against the Clips and then Portland, sandwiched between those two is a home game against Cleveland, which should be relatively easy.

13 of the last 20 games are at home so the team really has a good run at moving up the standings. Add that we play five more east teams, all non-playoff teams and all at home, and that makes it even easier. Also, eleven of the games left are against sure non-playoff teams and the only two are not at home, the fourth last game against Lakers and the last game of the season against Denver.

Two more games at Portland,
Twice against San Antonio, at home then away,
Twice against Dallas, at home and then away,
Once at Clips.

Really could be a very successful run to the end of the season and I think the team will win 15 of the remaining games.

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