Amazing how just 1 shot can change your whole legacy

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» Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:56 am
Lebron was 1 for 3 coming into the finals. Duncan was 4 for 4 coming into the finals. The Spurs had this series won. Lebron went from ''choker'' to possible Jordan type legacy. Duncan was about to have 5 finals wins to Lebron's 1 title, while beating him both times. But instead, because of Ray Allen's shot, because of Ginobili's inability to hit 2 free throws, because of Bosh rebounding 2 in a row, because of Lebron's 3, NOW Lebron has 2 finals out of 4 appearances and is just 2 behind Duncan. I mean just think. If one thing in that last 20 seconds went right for the Spurs, the Heat have a really really long summer. But instead, they are back to back champs. I just can't get over how that worked out for them.
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» Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:06 am
Great post.

Definately agree. Had the Spurs won it the great Tim Dincan would be 5-0 in finals, second only to the great Michael Jordan who was 6-0.

Duncan had it though and had he made that short hook shot near the end of game 7 things could have been different. Still, greatest PF ever and top 10 player alltime.

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