Summer League: Warriors vs Wizards Recap

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» Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:17 pm
Warriors win 56-52

Absolute horrible shooting display by both teams. The Warriors shot 15-58 (25.9%) for the game. 2-16 (12.5%) from three.

Kent Bazemore had the best game, 7-14 shooting, 1-6 from three and 6-7 from the foul line. 21 pts, 3 ast, 5rbs, and 2 steals. Also played the most minutes for us at 33. You could tell he and Green had the experience being their 2nd year there on top of having some NBA minutes.

Kent gaurded Otto Porter the #3 overall pick for the most part and kept him in check (3-13, 7pts). Kent did well and was the brightest spot on the floor of a pretty bad game overall.

Green ended up with 15 pts with all but 3 of them coming from the foul line. (12-14 FT) He only shot 1-9 from the field. (the opening 3-pointer)

Machado shot poorly and had some poor shot selections. (1-11)

No Nemanja Nedovic because of a sprained right ankle.

Obviously this is the first game of the summer. I'm trying to critize just commenting on some of the things I saw today.
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» Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:19 pm
I see Summer League going like this:

1, Bazemore's gonna light it up in hopes of being on some team's radar for backup 2 minutes. Doubt he'll be here by the trade deadline. Experienced guards have always nastied up summer league (didn't Morrow drop 40-something? 'nuff said). IMO, Bazemore's showing off for the peanut gallery. Lanky-defenders who can penetrate are a commodity... and with our surplus of wings and ball-handlers, we're not likely to have much use for him this year. Think he doesn't know that?

2, I don't care what kind of percentage Green puts up from the floor; I want the kid to be practicing game-situation jumpers all summer long. I'm talking top-of-the-key after a pick, 3's from both corners, free throw line extended... he's nasty enough to carve out a role in the NBA, but without professional level quickness or speed, and at 6'7" no less, Green needs to develop that Kurt-Thomas-jumper to endure. I remember going to a Blazers-Warriors game a few years back and Thomas, at halftime, came out before everybody else and just stood between the free throw line and the 3-point arc and just railed set-shot jumpers, one after another, knowing that most of his shots, as an old, immobile screen-setter, would be from right there. It'd be nice to see Draymond Green develop that sort of a game.

3, Nedovic will need to put up some God-like digits to make summer interesting. Seriously. Behind Steph Curry is tough enough; now he's got Toney Douglas in his way too. I'm not saying the kid needs to average 18-and-9 to get people's attention... I'm saying he needs to average 30-and-15. Summer League is scubbalicious. If Nedo wants to be anything but 3rd string by the end of training camp, it'll start by making an absolute joke out of his Summer League competition.

And, besides those 3 guys, I could care less about anyone else on the Summer League roster. Machado = nobody to me.

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